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Jasper Avenue New Vision / Imagine Jasper Avenue

Jasper Ave


Thanks for all the photos, folks! My camera broke and my partner hasn’t sent the ones she took over yet. But you all beat me to it anyways. I love the new wider sidewalk, trees, and bike light on 110 St. It’s really shaping up to be a nice “Main Street”!

On another note, it was a bit quieter on Jasper and 109 than Whyte and 105.
Quick update: the whole stretch from 109 to 114 st just needs the last layer of asphalt and painting to be done, except for the intersection of Jasper and 111 street that, according to a crewman that I stopped today, is supposed to be done on Monday.
Also, according to him, they're probably finish laying the asphalt over the course of next week, so I'm assuming the whole thing will be open for traffic by the end of the month
Some cool features built in to the sidewalk:

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Driving here today, it seems like they're speeding up to open the road before winter hits us. It clearly looks like what was supposed to be the last layer of asphalt was not laid down and they're just giving us a "temporary" finish. I'm not sure about the safety of it, as there's a major grade difference between the two sides of the street.
I hate rushed deliveries so I'm just hoping for the best.
As for the sidewalks and the new street furniture, it looks great! Can't wait to see it during summer and spring, especially in a few years when the trees and other plants are fully grown. I really hope the city keeps it well maintained!