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Need permanent peace officer or police presence at all downtown station platforms at this point.
I honestly don’t get how this isn’t a thing.

A homeless dude walks up and within 2mins he’s sent packing or another officer of sorts is called to come and escort/arrest them.

We should also bring in security measures other cities have for quickly reporting issues on the trains and at stations with immediate responses. I know we have some stuff, but it’s just not working. I should be able to send a video and have the next stop an officer stepping onto the train to arrest drug users or those with weapons.

And some might call this cruel, but with cameras and centralized operations, could you not have like alarms/deterrents controlled by outside operators? Homeless person camps in a shelter and through the cameras a central operator can hit a button to get a loud alarm going within the shelter that makes it uncomfortable to stay in. Once they leave, turn off.
God, buddy, pal, could you please provide details of why Rachel did nothing and it's ok with you, she has the answers, everybody's money, and yet we had this problem during her reign. I agree it's gotten worse, but could that not also be a sign of her policies failing??? Asking for a friend
It’s not okay with me. It could be a sign.
It’s not okay with me. It could be a sign.
You know that you are probably correct. These individuals that need help are merely pawns in the poverty industry, and neither side seems to have any answers. It's well past time we acknowledge that what we are doing is a failure...
The poverty industry is a lie created by neo fascists to turn us working people against each other. We need direct government equity programs, not a proliferation of church based non profit charities.
And you can say this. But if it wasn’t for faith groups providing billions in funding ON TOP of taxes those individuals already also pay, things would be a lot worse.

People love to critique faith based/related orgs, but don’t realize many of them are supported by average people giving an extra 5-15k a year to charities because of their religion, on top of taxes paid. Outside of the super wealthy, non religious people give very little to charities.

So just be careful what you wish for. You might not agree with, believe, or like how Jews, Christians, Muslims, etc live. But the financial and volunteering contribution those groups make to our economy and social welfare is massive.
Should this tread maybe be split into a Valley Line East one focused on how things are going with the running line and a separate Valley Line West construction thread?
I agree, it is complex. Having walked past the Valley Line shelters today at 102 and 102, there was a whole cook shop going on in there. Candles, bags, people, garbage. Enough is enough. Some people need REAL help, ie, taken off the streets and locked up in a 4x4 cell until they detox. At what point do we give up with the current cycle of nicely, nicely, pouring more and more money into this ( at the expense of the law following, hard working folks of society). It is time to realize that some people cannot be helped, plain and simple.
Everybody has rights, but your rights end when you cannot or are unable to function as a part of a civil society. Intervention by the state is needed, the status quo has not worked. There is no way in hell I would ever support taking some of these people off the street and placing them into their own home. Can you imagine ??? The pipes would be sold, copper ripped out, place trashed, the opportunity cost is simply not worth it anymore.
I am starting to wonder if the people advocating for more social services have a vested interest in this ideology, looking after their own interest, instead of the public good.
The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the one.
A cook shop in a LRT shelter is a bridge too far.
Many statistics from other countries that follow this approach doesn't really go anywhere.. and then they start drug wars which can just overspill to more communities, more spending for militarizing police, causing more instabilities to even more communities. Also, asking for a friend, when has policies and legislations surrounding homelessness in the province ever become consistent especially with funding for programs? Add in to that the constant job insecurity that many corporations in North America have been playing for years plus the lack in commitment to housing, more so, affordable ones.
Please, enlighten us as to how we'll fund these programs? More taxes?
Why is more taxes the common solution people see? I understand more taxes is always a hard idea to support. What about better tax spending and accountability from politicians i.e. not pay for dying or profitable corporations by saving them and then those layoff hundreds, if not, thousands of workers anyway? What about better balancing of budgets instead of pouring billions into one industry that's highly profitable anyway (airports and automobiles)? What about not allowing oligopoly on many industries and also land ownership through more public ownership of such? There's so much more options than raising taxes.