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"we always play rock n roll" - so unlike any of the mezcaleria's I visit - but then I live in Mexico. Clearly you are not striving for authenticity and catering to the yahoo crowd
Hello. I hope there's somewhere in edmonton that makes you happy. Powerage is an authentic rock n roll bar with thoughtful and intentionally curated selections which allow us to highlight wonderful products in an environment that is fun and caters to the kind of people we enjoy socializing with.

No one has ever claimed this is a palenque - its in the basement of a power station in Edmonton and named after the best AC/DC record. All the best with your mezcal drinking in Mexico.

I hear it's a long way to the top if you want to rock and roll 🤘
Powerage has called it quits, for reasons I'm not privvy to. All I can say is that it's a very big loss for 124th Street. They really filled an underserved niche.
What do you think happens when you are in arrears....and you can't repay....eventually the landlord has to take action.

In other news Delavoye Chocolatier will be opening up on December 9th.

That is too bad about Grizzlar. I discovered them when they were still on 109th. I went into their 124th St. location this summer. I guess a proper sign was never put in though?
It honestly felt like a classic 'we want a cool hip indie spot in here' and led to pulling a group out of their comfort zone/financial capacity to somewhere they should not have been thinking about in the first place; it happens all too often and generally leads to failure.