Stantec Tower | 250.84m | 66s | ICE District Prop.

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According to Sharon Yeo's weekly blog, Daniel Costa’s latest venture sees him partnering with the Henry Singer Fashion Group to open Bar Henry inside their new flagship store in Ice District, to open later this year. The location will serve coffee by day, and wine and cocktails alongside snacks in the evening.
Excited for more quality coffee options in the ICE District!
Reference ID:Job No 487051346-002
Description:To install (3) Projecting On-Premises Sign(s) (HENRY SINGER)
Location:10310 - 102 STREET NW
Plan 2020006 Unit 423
Status:Intake Review
Create Date:2023-10-04T14:42:02Z
Gotta think this is prime for some national chains in the food court. Starbucks is in expansion mode again. Wonder if McDonalds brings the McCafe concept here. The one in YUL is a good concept, especially with the local bagels.
Anyone know if Henry Singer will have some sort of cafe or something in it? From the sounds of it, Parlour Barba Shop will be having an outlet associated with it so I'm curious if they're adding other things.