Stantec Tower | 250.84m | 66s | ICE District Prop.

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Not surprised Bennett Jones is moving into Stantec. It's quickly become the home base for most of the premier corporate firms in the city. It's been bothering me seeing the middle 6 or so floors of Stantec empty so this will help fill out the tower and as said earlier, maybe get some of the CRU's filled out with more activity around the site.

I'm not too worried about Telus House. It's in a great location with amazing views, so eventually they'll fill out the space and maybe finally they can renovate the exterior which is due for an update.
I’m still mad this didn’t happen. Would make the skyline less boring during the winter.
I feel like they would eventually on stantec since they already have them on Edmonton tower and JW. I just don’t know why they haven’t yet.
Pedways were pretty busy this weekend. Grabbed this pictures while grabbing a few things from City Market for a few days at the JW. Saw a number of others doing the same this weekend. Decent amount of people sitting around at different times, but some small food spots would be really nice.