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Sep 22, 2015
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Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

10008 109 St.
Part of the "Cascadia Lot" redevelopment:

A prime parcel of land immediately to the south of 109th Street and Jasper Avenue presents exceptional development potential. Adjacent to a former Canadian Pacific right-of-way that has been repurposed into a popular greenbelt, plans for the site call for two residential developments, the Bonnie Tower to the north and the Flatiron Tower to the south. Plans also include a contemporary above-ground multi-level parkade with street-level retail.

  • Corona and Grandin LRT Stations nearby
  • Within walking distance to Alberta Legislature Grounds, government district, river valley, Grant MacEwan University, and Rogers Place
  • 400+ stall covered parkade and street level retail
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Not at all impressed with the giant parkade, even with the retail facing 109 St.

Completely turns its back on the "Ribbon of Steel" park. Complete overkill given its proximity to a major active transportation corridor, proximity to two current and probably at least one future LRT station, proximity to nearly every amenity imaginable. Wasted opportunity for something better here.
I don't mind it. Parking makes sense here from a financial perspective due to the proximity to provincial buildings and other offices. Could improve the corridor to the trail with some better lighting details. Very interesting that they used specific companies on the retail frontage. Wonder if they actually have anyone lined up or if they pulled an oops and used logos without permission? The buildings look like very early renders. Could go either way there depending on materials used. You'd think they'd put something on top of the parkade, even if it was only 2-3 stories to level out with the christmas tree on the corner.

Hard to tell if it is a residential entry or a door to the retail on the northwest corner of the parkade, but that is one positive of the trail facing side. I like that it activates 109th street too.
That area is already so choked with traffic. Adding more parking will only encourage more people to drive and further exacerbate the situation. It would probably eliminate any future potential to narrow 109 Street into something more pedestrian-friendly. 100% against.
That area is already so choked with traffic. Adding more parking will only encourage more people to drive and further exacerbate the situation. It would probably eliminate any future potential to narrow 109 Street into something more pedestrian-friendly. 100% against.
I doubt 109 Street gets narrowed in our lifetime as it is a major central corridor to the HLB and 97th Avenue. I think that would be a pipe dream Dave, even though it has been considered at a high level. :p While I agree that it may encourage more folks to drive, I think it is hyperbole to say that it would eliminate potential to narrow on its own. One parkade isn't going to make the traffic backups to Kingsway a whole lot worse. Difficult to tell whether it includes U/G parking too or is meant to service residents on its own. I don't think you'd want to drive much given that the entry/exit fronts 109 Street. Would be a pita to access.

Where is the bottom render? Is that the south avenue?

There has been rumours of this one for a while, but it doesn't look super fleshed out.
Too bad something similar to this wasn't proposed. This would have looked so great in that location.

Park Lane Honolulu.



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The City should simply ban above-grade parking structures, forcing a more thoughtful approach to design. I can't believe that these renderings represent anything like a finalized design. There is a huge opportunity here for "double-sided" retail, making the site very valuable in my opinion.
Word is the DBA has been working with Procura to further activate the parkside. They are intent on building a parkade here, though, as WSP currently has insufficient parking and relies on the surface lot that's there now. That's the story at least. I still don't agree with it.
A new Planning Mandate in L.A. allows structure to be built out over the public way bounding parking. Maybe Edmonton could do something like this to make Parking structures more appealing -- great for small use offices -- accounting, law, real estate, etc. -- the appeal being the creation of parking right next to the use (does, however, limit the kind of parking structure and ramping therein). L.A. is also big at the moment for instituting automated parking structures -- Edmonton needs to catch up in this regard. It would be an easy fix to Procura's scheme if it dedicated retail/hospitality to the ground floor (a restaurant or two on the rail side would surely be popular)
Well this is moving faster than I expected...

Reference ID: Job No 277285797-001
Description: To construct off street level commercial retail units, a 5 storey parking garage and residential dwellings (28)
Location: 10008 - 109 STREET NW
Plan 0821851 Blk 9 Lot 58A
Status: New
Create Date: 3/16/2018 3:14:52 PM
Neighbourhood: DOWNTOWN
So all the zoning, etc on this site was previously completed?