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What do you think of this project?

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Drove by here this morning and was surprised by the scale in person. Felt bigger than I expected. Honestly, as quirky as it is, the way it was lit up and the extra artistic elements made it a step up from the usual strip mall vibe with 1 floodlight overhanging a lame sign.
It certainly isn't the worst looking retail development this city has seen. What I appreciate the most about this development is the quality of the finishing materials, the fact in also incorporated the warehouse portion of the Brick Store that was there prior, and that it doesn't turn it's back to 120 street, which the old building did.

It's still a very car centric development though, and the name is still confusing AF (millennial term 😄 ), but I have to say I have warmed up to this one for the most part
I dont really like the trim lighting. This development is still a spectacle destination rather than an integrated neighbourhood hub. Maybe this will change as more tenants open up shop, and the gimmicks are turned down a notch.
While Edmonton is copying Oldie-time Amsterdam; Amsterdam itself seems more focused on the future:
@Glenco I don't think a single person on this forum doubted that it would be commercially successful, nor do I think anyone faults anyone who truly enjoys it.

That doesn't make it any less of a poor design from an urban design standpoint, nor that the cartoonish design (no matter how well executed materially) is an insult to good architecture. And that's not even going into how stupid the name is.

Its popularity only goes to show how far we have to go as a city in understanding our own heritage and historical design vernacular, and what good architecture, urban design, and placemaking really looks like.
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