JW Marriott and The Legends Private Residences | 191.1m | 56s | ICE District Prop. | Hariri Pontarini

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Wait, So Ice District is going after these people or the other way around? I'm so confused 😵
Larry Hahn is a fairly big name in residential EDM real estate. Be interesting to see what happens.
Putting on my judgey hat (powdered wig) I am going to say that the et als are going to have to return the funds on the premise of unconsumated deals -- seems like the money should have been in an "untouchable" escrow account. I am guessing that the et als are going to want to avoid bad publicity (although that ship may have already sailed under the mast of praetorship). Weigh heigh and up she rises!
Larry Hahn is a fairly big name in residential EDM real estate. Be interesting to see what happens.
Just here for the gossip. Found that in October 2020, Real Estate Council of Alberta suspended Larry Hahn's realtor license [link]. Larry has a bunch of units posted on his personal site [link]. Not sure if related!
Interesting to note that the (now former) svp of one properties is also named in the Hahn lawsuit for some failure to meet his fiduciary responsibility to his employer. Not sure how (or if) it's connected to the Hahn scheme, but it seems like Katz/One will be pursuing him further too. What fun
Description: To construct a private garage area for one Owner consisting of 4 parking stalls (#3302, 3303, 3304,3305) inside of the parking area, on level P3 of parkade. - Ice District Legends Private Residences
Permit date: December 23, 2020
Type: Building Permit
Subtype: (03) Interior Alterations
Category: Commercial Final
Class: Apartment Condos (315)
Status: Issued
Address: 10360 - 102 STREET NW
Neighbourhood: DOWNTOWN
Zoning: AED
Value: $32,000.00
@archited Considering what the cost of the stalls themselves would have been, on top of the cost of building a private garage inside of a parkade in the downtown core, excessive doesn't begin to describe it.
Not unusual at all and something that I would do if I were dropping that kinda coin; surprised they did not make more of those for the upper units. My friend's sub-pent in Van has a two car garage with enough room for a motorbike in front and some storage.
It would be glorious to have some sort of containment to protect your vehicle from all the dust that gets kicked up in a busy parking garage. I'm on P2 of 5 in my garage and it looks like I need a car wash every 2 weeks.