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I took these late night photos this past Wednesday and entered in the lobby briefly. The lobby is very small, and security immediately asked me what I was doing. A photo was a no go, but they did say that the hotel should be open for business next week. I imagine that the lobby configuration is a temporary measure until the time that a more free flowing design is practical.

Late night Whyte and Quarters 2019-06-26 010.JPG

Late night Whyte and Quarters 2019-06-26 018.JPG

Late night Whyte and Quarters 2019-06-26 027.JPG

*Adding in a couple more from Monday 24th afternoon, such a beautiful hotel.
2019-06-24 087.JPG

2019-06-24 018.JPG
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One day, maybe in a decade, this neighbourhood will be on par with this "World class" architecture. My god.

2019-09-07 306.JPG

2019-09-07 325.JPG

2019-09-07 263.JPG
2019-09-07 261.JPG

What will it take to see a healthy community here again?. This was a vibrant community at one time, 'the' Downtown decades ago. The problems of poverty, and compliance with mental illness and all of its complexities is widespread and apparently not going anywhere (but up). Twice I needed to "leave quickly" from where I was taking pic's and enjoying the day, and I'm not intimidated easily (and I look like I spent a hard night on the streets usually). I truly hope the Quarters will thrive as its location\history is truly amazing and we as a greater community deserve such.


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    2019-09-07 306.JPG
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I really hope that with the Hat nearing completion and LRT completed that this area and bilfing starts seeing forward movement. It would be so nice if the CRU's could have something in them. On a side note, I am glad to see the the building along the LRT line across the street from the hotel was renovated and has a convenience store voming soon (according to a sign I saw yesterday)
While it's sad to see this now, I'd like to think that this area will soon experience a "chain reaction" of sorts that will really start to turn things around. I've said this before, but it'd be AWESOME if the city could really try to expand the influence of the Downtown Farmer's Market and lay down the plans for a sort of "cultural district" along the lines of a (smaller) Granville Island, creating a permanent every-day experience that people would come to the area for. I think something like that along with LRT access right in the middle of it would 100% encourage further redevelopment. And of course, affordable housing along with other measures should be taken to keep existing residents in the area.
Boyle Street needs some destinations so people want to be here. There really isn't much interesting in Boyle Street along Jasper for example. So I like the Cultural District idea ^

Alderitt tower I hope helps with that as well.