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Wonder if there are updated renders floating around for this... @Nosirrah

But of course:


I agree, @StopDropandLOL, but I don't think you are going to get it. This "colour" scheme seems to becoming a signature of Hat output at least for tower design -- ground level schemes look more akin to the Brewery District colours (must remember to add the "u" for Canadian content in the word "colour" -- my machine keeps deferring to U.S. spellings).
C.1. Hat @ Old Strathcona (Development Permit)
Bruce Mackenzie - NORR

Motion of Support requiring an Administrative Walk-on

While the Committee is generally supportive of the proposed scheme, an
Administrative Walk-on is required to further resolve the design of the public
realm, in particular the internal north-south mid-block pedestrian link. The
Applicant is requested to return to the Committee and present a revised design that
further explores:
● The integration of neighbourhood essence and character into the public
realm, including surface treatments and patterns, plantings, furnishings,
outdoor sales space, and wayfinding/interpretive signage and elements
● Creating a pedestrian scaled environment, and in particular, a sense of place,
enclosure, human scale, complexity/richness, coherence and legibility. The
Committee encourages the use of planting beyond perennials (eg. trees and
shrubs) for scale and seasonal interest, and the incorporation of awnings,
trellises and / or overhead structures, as well as additional exterior lighting
● How the public realm can support year-round use, programming and
variation, including play
● How mechanical units (eg. transformers, building intake and exhaust vents)
are located / integrated into the building / public realm


Honestly, I have to admit @Edmcowboy11 that I was being a little flippant with my response (I have an impish little guy with horns and a pitchfork sitting on my left shoulder). But the question you asked seemed to be fairly well answered with all of the four pages of material already evident in this thread. I am completely amazed by the input of particularly @Daveography to keep these threads up-to-date, but also of many others whose knowledge and understanding of where, what, why and when (and sometimes "how") keep the major questions at bay -- it is why I find this site and this forum so fascinating. The question seemed to be of the ilk "Are we there yet, hey psst, are we there yet?"... ten minutes go by and then again, "are we there yet?" I hope I didn't hurt your feelings.
No feelings hurt, no worries. I currently feel like I'm in catch up mode which is why I tend to be asking about any new updates, especially on some threads that havent been updated in a couple months or so. I've already found a few things here and there that I didn't realize had already occured, either here in the threads or in my travels around the city to different construction sites.