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They launched a website and Facebook page recently. There's a lot of interior pictures on the Facebook page.

I like the interiors, especially with those big windows.
^ I really appreciated that drone footage. The Hat exterior looked really good in that sunrise lighting, and the city fab! I agree @air_ic the interiors look good and big windows with spectacular views all around. Anyone with a good camera thinking about booking a tour of a penthouse, please post pics 😉

View from a 21st floor 2 bedroom, taken today.
The views facing South/SW are breathtaking as well, but this is my favourite.
In my search for my new living quarters, I went to see some units there and at Stantec today. My impressions from the building are really good, comparing to what I've seen so far here in Edmonton. The amenities are quite good and everything is fairly well finished with high quality materials both in the common areas and the suites.
The bedrooms and closets are, overall, smaller than I'd like except for one of the 2 bedroom suites, but for most people that don't require enough space to have an office/guest room, should be enough. The balconies are MASSIVE, about the same size as the living room area, so if you want to make yourself a little patio, you're in a very good position.

I like it, but comparing to the Sky Residences, for example, I think the price range is a bit higher than I was expecting, although they do have very good 1st year incentives, such as 1 month free rent, free Telus internet for one year, but nothing extraordinary or unseen.
My verdict is that, while it does have several good qualities, I don't know if I'd choose it over locations like the Stantec, or anything more central, for that matter, given the price.