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Another fading memory, community loss and continued lack of replacement experiences.

I got in a lot of shit for being upset when Northlands cancelled the K-Days Parade when I called them out; apparently focus groups were disconnected, without understanding of K-Days or its history and that a food hall would suffice.

It's not to say to say that evolution is important, but history equally so.

I think the replacement may be better!



a new resource from CoE, I'm eager to see what the proposals are.
Coun. Salvador asked city admin at today's council meeting during a budget update if there was any opportunity to have the coliseum demolition funded by the provincial government similar to what has been announced for the Saddledome.

City manager said he is meeting with provincial officials soon and will be bringing that up.
^ definitely not, it's such a shame they won't pursue repurposing.

I've been on the side of repurposing it from the beginning - financially speaking, environmentally speaking, and I think it provided an opportunity to create some new recreation amenities (or something else) to fill a need.

Is there info we're just not privy to that makes this so unfeasible as nobody on council ever really championed doing otherwise did they?

Calgary never gave a second thought to keeping theirs - although circumstances are probably different (aside from getting demolition paid for)?