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What do you think of this project?

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The height reduction is sucky and I can live with it, but why couldn't they just keep that same outside design on a smaller tower? Like the new design is okay but there is just something about the old renders that made the tower special!

And, I mean, it would be great if it were another 10-20 meters tall but that's just my opunion 🤷‍♂️
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I am getting ice district block BG vibes from this one. Its the old switcharoo baiting us with a fantastic rendering and then giving us the classic Edmonton " yeah that's good enough" vertical cladding.
Let me know if I am crazy here.

Disclaimer: I still like tower and anything to boost our skyline I am down for.
NIMBYS look at those things and if they were to vote on which tower they like better regardless of height my money would be on the white one. The new version looks messy.
As a NIMBY who currently lives in the building directly adjacent to it, yes, the white version. I have a feeling for downtown dwellers, big and shiny takes precedent over other things. Or maybe I'm wrong, but that's a big reason why I moved downtown.
I hate the new design and my vote just now reflected that and not the render in the nice slick tower In the original posts. How about a new poll for this later design otherwise the results are irrelevant given the drastic change for the worse.
It's nice, but it's shorter and less iconic. The previous render would've made it a signature tower for our skyline. This one will blend in more. I'd be happy with this tower in Grandin or the warehouse district, but for this location I was really excited about an icon. :confused:
Yup. I'm officially pissed. The new render is fine, but not in this location. I'd be fine with this on the Fairmont Tower site across the alley above the cliff. But on this prominent corner? Do. Not. Want.

My vote changed from best to "dislike". (The only thing saving it from full on "dislike a lot" is the fact that it's likely to get built rather than resembling an empty Regency site).
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it's honestly just not good. and as 'nice' as the previous design was, there are plenty of other vacant sites around the core that could host it instead and wouldn't block the only decent close up public view of a major landmark. edmonton has had far too many disappointing bait and switch designs in the past few yrs (the new milner, southpark development) which this can be added to now.
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I don't mind the building design or height but just not there and definitely not in the core. This location is very important with the Mac being there. Why is Edmonton a "free for all" in regards to design? The EDC has no authority but can make recommendations. What is this !? Developers can just come and design what the heck they want? @Daveography , I'll post what we discussed. I've just been busy.
The first design, the modern, stylish, white one? Edmonton Downtown NEEDS buildings like that. I don't know why a NIMBY would be complaining when it integrates so well with the surrounding historic buildings. It's recessed onto the East Portion of the lot and has a very small footprint.

I dunno, maybe I'm missing something.
Any updates on this? At least the park/green space has been left as is.
The company behind it had the site for sale and was abandoning it last I recall.

They too said that the demand side was not there and the costs too high to move the project forward; they had other priorities in the GTA.