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    Wadhurst Townhomes | 11.75m | ?s

    They've dropped the price to $699,000 for one of the units now. When the showhome first opened there was one sale of the end unit. Nothing has sold since.
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    Warehouse District Park

    Walked by the leg grounds after work. I do like the water feature, but of all the people who were there, nobody was by the fountain. Contrast that with the wading pool beside - people in the water and sitting around it. Which of these two features is bringing people to this space - the fountain...
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    Warehouse District Park

    I guess ball is in your court, @archited Can you make something happen?
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    Edmonton Real Estate Market

    Wîhkwêntôwin Top 3 neighbourhoods in Canada for livability, baby!
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    Legislature Grounds / Centennial Plaza

    I've walked by the past two (hot) days and it was quite busy with kids/families playing in the water. When warehouse park is open, I wonder what option young families will choose more often?
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    Instead of the one storey commercial building, I wonder if they considered having a second six storey residential, but then make both of them mixed used with commercial on the main.
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    Cycling and Active Transportation in Edmonton

    It would be a viable and reasonable option.
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    Cycling and Active Transportation in Edmonton

    Regarding the elimination of that vehicle access point from 97 Avenue to the high level bridge, both options the city is proposing for this particular section of roadway involve closure to cars so that only people using active transportation can pass through. I was a bit surprised that one of...
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    Edmonton and the play for post-secondary educational relevance

    I think the University president even went as far as to say that moving forward they have a preference that students aren't in 'student' residences, but they are a part of the surrounding community living in buildings and neighbourhoods with a mix of non student populations.
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    Falcon Towers | 170m | 44s | Langham Developments | Arc Studio

    “I might build a second tower depending on how this (Falcon One) goes,” said Mostashari. “It would be identical.” I guess that statement could be looked at as either glass half empty or full. You have other insights regarding Falcon II or mostly basing your assessment on that developer statement?
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    Warehouse District Park

    If not a fountain, a water feature of some kind for kids to play in and get wet would have been a winner, too, based on what i see often at the leg grounds and city hall. Water is a pretty big draw for families with younger kids. There is a water feature at AD Park a block away, but so too is...
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    Stables at Mayfair | ?m | 34s | ProCura Real Estate | Manasc Isaac

    Given they didn't pay their taxes related to Dwayne's Home property and reports they were getting out of the game at Century Park, I wonder what exactly is going on with this company.
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    Warehouse District Park

    I wonder if there was any champion for the water feature among the stakeholder groups like the downtown community league, downtown business association, or the ward councillor?
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    Cycling and Active Transportation in Edmonton

    Great video on cycling in the suburbs and so much potential. Edmonton is once again highlighted for the 132 Ave plans
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    Falcon Towers | 170m | 44s | Langham Developments | Arc Studio

    “I might build a second tower depending on how this (Falcon One) goes,” said Mostashari. “It would be identical.” Chances seem pretty decent if Falcon is already experiencing some waiting lists on certain units.
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    Edmonton's Sprawl So this will be a decision of the next council. At least they should have all the info required to make a good decision - status quo, increase costs on new developments and/or implement substantial completion guidelines.
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    Grandin 4 | 23m | 6s | Westrich Pacific | J+S Architect

    Been a month since the last photo update. Definitely been a much smaller crew on site now that framing taking place.
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    LRT Expansion Planning

    I cringed reading this comment
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    Edmonton Branding and Tourism strategy

    Todd Babiak must be listening to this conversation on branding Edmonton. Well said.,it%20was%20just%20a%20feeling.
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    Cycling and Active Transportation in Edmonton

    Edgar credits 102 Ave bike lane in part for Auograph's projects. And, take it for what it's worth, the Jameson is starting construction later this year or early 2025, and includes a plan for a public bike maintenance facility...