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  1. yeggator

    LRT Expansion Planning

    Other Improvements: 20. Trolley buses: I'll admit, I'm biased against them because I've never liked the look of all those wires, and while battery buses have proven to be a disaster, I think the hydrogen buses have been established for quite some time to work well here, so we should double down...
  2. yeggator

    LRT Expansion Planning

    ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- At this point in the video, my opinions on how ETS should expand the LRT really diverge from yours. In the spirit of constructive dialogue, I want to explain why I don't see...
  3. yeggator

    LRT Expansion Planning

    My thoughts on RMTransit's Crayoning video for Edmonton (A Fair Assessment): @Reecemartin , Thank you so much for covering Edmonton with a rare crayoning video. It's huge that you're exposing your worldwide audience to our city, which half of Canada couldn't even point to on a map, and all the...
  4. yeggator

    Falcon Towers | 170m | 44s | Langham Developments | Arc Studio

    I swear, these two geezers^^ are always going at it 🙄
  5. yeggator

    EllisDon to Lead Prairie Link High-Speed Rail Partners - Edm-RD-Cal

    Honestly man, this whole "UCP is out to destroy Edmonton" rhetoric is tiring. Even if she ends up half-assing the master plan and only building regional rail from YYC to Banff, while I will be livid beyond belief, it's not like we won't benefit. I go to Banff regularly, but I'd much rather take...
  6. yeggator

    QE2 and 65 Avenue interchange - Leduc

    Grading for Airport Perimeter Road.
  7. yeggator

    QE2 and 65 Avenue interchange - Leduc

    Old bridge will be used as a single-lane northbound bridge. It’ll probably be replaced with a two-lane bridge at the end of its life.
  8. yeggator

    Anthony Henday Drive

    Looks like they’ve wrapped up construction on the NB bridge over the river. Barriers are gone and all.
  9. yeggator

    Valley Line LRT/ Valley Line West | ?m | ?s | City of Edmonton

    That’s why I still think south of the elevated guideway at Davies, the line should have crossing gates. It has no business stopping at lights or going below 70 km/h on such a suburban alignment.
  10. yeggator

    Capital Line LRT

    The key reason why the south extension was prioritized was because of the new OMF, no? We wouldn’t have had enough trains to run north of Blatchford if we did that extension first, unless we extended the Metro Line to Campbell road in one go. And to be honest, the south extension has wayyyy more...
  11. yeggator

    Edmonton Oilers

    What a nail-biter. But we did it guys 🥳🥳🥳🥳
  12. yeggator

    50 Street Widening & CP Rail Grade Separation

    Basically every intersection on the north-south Canadian Pacific line from 41st Ave SW to Whyte Ave needs to be grade-separated as the next priority if we’re going to be serious about building high-speed and regional rail. Especially at Whitemud Drive.
  13. yeggator

    Edmonton International Airport (EIA/YEG)

    Can’t speak to that yet unfortunately, as I was actually connecting from Rome via Calgary on WestJet 😅 Hope to try it soon though, once my bank account recovers🤞
  14. yeggator

    Edmonton International Airport (EIA/YEG)

    Busy evening at YEG when I got back from Italy yesterday. (Feat. our new flight to Frankfurt 🤩)
  15. yeggator

    Blatchford Development | ?m | ?s | City of Edmonton

    Hanging out by the pond in Blatchford while in post-Italy withdrawals. Nice spot, and the neighbourhood is really taking shape, but it sorely needs that mixed-use development on Alpha Boulevard already. A nice cafe would be lovely. Btw, do y’all know if they’ll keep that giant hill as a sledding...
  16. yeggator

    Valley Line LRT/ Valley Line West | ?m | ?s | City of Edmonton

    It is going well. But sadly coming to a close soon 😔
  17. yeggator

    Valley Line LRT/ Valley Line West | ?m | ?s | City of Edmonton

    ‘Preciate it brotha🤘it’s been so fun. We gotta catch up once I’m back and I’ll tell you all about it
  18. yeggator

    Valley Line LRT/ Valley Line West | ?m | ?s | City of Edmonton

    If you guys think a 1 am closing time is bad, I’ve been in Rome and Naples the past few days, where (except for Friday and Saturday in Rome), the Metro stops running at 11 or even earlier (that’s how I got stranded in Scampia by myself late one night)
  19. yeggator

    Edmonton Companies News & Discussion

    She edging on my Edmonton till I fund 😤😤😤