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    Hat @ Old Strathcona | 66.14m | 20s | Cidex Group

    They made sure to keep the towers as far away from Whyte as possible, so hopefully that will minimize pushback.
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    West Block | 60.35m | 16s | Beaverbrook | GEC

    Would certainly help sell units, and possibly demand a higher price.
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    Capital | 42.97m | 12s | Strategic Group | KENNEDY

    Wasting absolutely no time. Another parking lot gone, just like that.
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    Symphony Tower Edmonton | ?m | 27s | Allen Wasnea | KENNEDY

    This building is turning out really great
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    Connect Centre | 56.3m | 16s | ONE Properties | DIALOG

    It seems so weird that Katz seemed so intent on creating the centerpiece for our downtown, but once he got to the final piece of the puzzle he decides to cheap out. Doesn't he realize that in doing so he will detract from the rest of his development?
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    Glenora Rowhousing | 12m | 4s | StyleLab Developments | Thirdstone

    Not a fan of those driveways in the front, but not much you can do with our parking requirements and that lot size.
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    East Junction | 86m | 25s | Regency Developments | DER + Associates

    Thank you Dave for you involvement in this! Your ammendments are very reasonable, and I'm glad the city agreed to most of them. Too bad they wouldn't accept the last two, did they give reasoning? Glad there will be some retail (93 ave.), however is there really no other retail on site, such as...
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    10123 106 Street | 155.14m | 50s | Westrich Pacific | Arc Studio

    Hope this gets going. This is by far the biggest dead zone in downtown.
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    The Grand | ?m | 3s | Planworks

    This has the potential to be a fantastic development
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    Manchester Square | ?m | 2s | 76 Group Co | Gardner Architecture

    I'm trying to find something redeemable in this project, but I don't know if there is
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    Gross. Will most likely end up the commercial version of the Venetian... But at least that doesn't have a massive parking lot in front of it.
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    The Quarters Land Consolidation

    If they have trouble getting development for the whole site, there is also the option to split it into smaller sites for multiple developers.
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    East Junction | 86m | 25s | Regency Developments | DER + Associates

    Thanks for being so involved Dave. It's good to have someone pushing the developers to do better.
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    Blue Chicago Redevelopment | ?m | 29s | Alldritt Land | KENNEDY

    I'm still of the opinion that an empty building is better than an empty lot, but oh well.
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    The Umphreville Block | ?m | 3s | River Valley Company

    This is the kind of thing Edmonton needs. Neighborhood amenities are crucial for walkablility and a strong community. Is it already zoned for this then?
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    That's a great idea, I wonder if the city has had any discussions about doing something similar.
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    :( This city doesn't need any more empty lots
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    The Ledge | 32m | 8s | Ram Developments | Group2

    That's a nice looking midrise.
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    Belgravia Square | ?m | 4s | Niche Developments | MoDA

    That's very true. I've been involved in the engagement process myself and there is always more, although there are people that always bring up those ones consistently. It would be nice if they took the time to express more specific concerns instead of just the copy/paste they seem to do, as it...
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    Belgravia Square | ?m | 4s | Niche Developments | MoDA

    "...but there were concerns about the building's size, design, amenities and effects on traffic in the area." I think you could copy and paste that into an article about every new development and no one would notice.