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    Low Level Bridge

    It's the high level I'm worried about. What is the plan for that ? Is there a plan ? Is it funded it repairs are needed ? What if it needs to be re-built ? Given the fact that a large number of busses needed replacing and now that there is no money to replace them, could the same thing happen...
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    Canada and Monarchy

    Whatever your views on the monarch or commonwealth, it is a sobering time to remember that 80 years ago, the fate of Europe was being determined. It is fascinating to watch the history behind all of this. The...
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    Municipal Politics

    Exactly, in the late 90's grass was maintained, looked good and was kept clean. Instead, the city has pi$$ed away how many millions on electric buses that do not work, had a "world class" composter that needed repair because of rust and of course the stellar, oh, the LRT cars need replacing -...
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    Homelessness, Addiction and Mental Health

    This sounds great, I'd like to know how it works. If the call is for mental health, do police or ambulance show up ? What happens if the person is mentally unstable, but then a few mins later starts to hurt other people. It will never be perfect, and unfortunately there will be cases when the...
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    Homelessness, Addiction and Mental Health

    Thank you for the excellent answer
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    Homelessness, Addiction and Mental Health

    Dumb, but serious question. If a person is homeless and on drugs, and then truly wants to go to rehab to clean up, are the support services available ? Eg, place to stay, room to sleep, shelter, food, detox, and basically supports to get your life back on track, such as a job, help with...
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    Valley Line LRT/ Valley Line West | ?m | ?s | City of Edmonton

    I agree, it is complex. Having walked past the Valley Line shelters today at 102 and 102, there was a whole cook shop going on in there. Candles, bags, people, garbage. Enough is enough. Some people need REAL help, ie, taken off the streets and locked up in a 4x4 cell until they detox. At what...
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    Federal Politics

    I've never been to Quebec ( would love to visit), but some people seem to point out that Quebec is better, rent controls, healthcare, day care etc. Whenever AB proposes looking at things already implemented in other provinces then people here lose their minds, eg, pension plan, our own police force.
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    Federal Politics

    It's not the end of the world, Quebec also has a similar law, Quebec has it's own provincial police, it's own immigration policy. Working out good for them.
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    General Food & Dining Thread

    Hi, I've got a gift certificate coming soon and was thinking for going to La Ronde and Hotel MacDonald as a treat on some Saturday with my partner for dinner, yay or nay ? Thanks for the input :-)
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    Edmonton Real Estate Market

    Yep, at some point financial reality will hit and places like TO/ Vancouver will flatline, but, I doubt prices will drop. Maybe some categories, but overall, I'm thinking thy wont. We are probably closer to rates coming down ( a little) than when rates went up. During the pandemic, rural...
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    LRT Safety

    I saw some things over the last 2 weeks. 1. Getting train from coliseum at lunchtime to Churchill. Some indigenous youths blasting music ( kill the %%^$^ etc), feet up on the lrt. Another guy with tattoos comes along, sits down and opens up his bag to show them his knife ! I was standing at the...
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    Municipal Politics

    As a FYI, here is the EPCOR wage increases : Appendix I, IA & IBCSU52 Wage Summary Effective Dates: December 20, 2020 to December 14, 20242021 – 1.00% 2022 – 1.50% 2023 – 2.75% 2024 – 3.15 %$500 bonus on successful ratification for A-Stream and SC-A Stream employees Wages are retroactive and...
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    Edmonton Companies News & Discussion

    A good news story for the city. The dividend is a lot of $$. What is even better is when you see some of that being generated outside of Edmonton !
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    Edmonton Real Estate Market

    Always tough to know, but I suspect once the BoC starts to ease rates, prices will rise again. I wonder if people have used this time of high interest rates to save up for a down payment, while waiting for rates to fall. I bit the bullet and bought a place. I was able to put %20 down on a...
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    LRT Safety

    Yep, if it needs to be done, then so be it. Sometimes it's just the way it has to be.
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    Blatchford Development | ?m | ?s | City of Edmonton

    Thanks great those lots are sold. I did check out some of the units back in 2022. They were pricey for what you get. I ended up buying a sfh in an older area for approx 1/2 the cost. Granted, my place has none of the energy upgrades.
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    The Edmonton Method - Snow Removal

    oh boy, it is funny and sad to read this forum.