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    Capital Line LRT I probably won't be able to get over that for a long time. Seeing the public speakers suggesting to defer the station to keep the Heritage Valley station and crossing over Ellerslie Road elevated, but...
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    Alberta Politics The provincial election can't come soon enough.
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    Capital Line LRT So the Spring 2024 update booklet has been released on the official city website. Some renders for the phase 2 stations are present. However, I'm questioning how a potential grade separation over...
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    South Edmonton Hospital & Health Campus | ?m | ?s | Province of Alberta Well there is this video of Rachel Notley calling out the UCP for delaying the construction of the hospital.
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    West Edmonton Mall

    Hard to say at this point, but it would be nice to have one of these in the ICE District.
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    West Edmonton Mall

    Well, for something less controversial, there's a Paris Baguette opening within the Starlight Casino where The Buffet used to be.
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    Valley Line LRT/ Valley Line West | ?m | ?s | City of Edmonton Looks like there's a public celebration at the Muttart LRT station.
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    Capital Line LRT

    All I know is that the contractor is supposed to be selected sometime in the beginning of 2024.
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    Capital Line LRT

    I've been reading some of the articles and documents from back when the changes to the project scope was being proposed. Some of the them have made mention of what might happen with the approved reimbursement/funding from the Provincial and Federal government...
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    West Edmonton Mall

    I assume it won't be as big as the Mindbender based on the park map from the official Galaxyland website.
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    Capital Line LRT

    Don't get me wrong, I do appreciate the efforts that City Council and the City have made to make Edmonton less car-centric (increasing walkability and density, expanding public transportation, etc), and I do like that they approved the new zoning bylaw in order to keep housing affordable. That...
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    Capital Line LRT

    I suppose for me, I would say one of the things that bugs me about all this would be the "overpromising and underdelivering" factor. The elevated station was the part I was the most excited for for the expansion, I thought it looked cool, it gave off a big city vibe (like the...
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    West Edmonton Mall Neat little discovery found on the Mindbender.
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    Alberta Politics

    It'd probably be more accurate to say that every conservative government since the Ralph Klein days (or maybe earlier than that, I'm not too sure) days has been punishing Edmonton for electoral leanings, while favoring Calgary. Honestly, they may as well call themselves the Calgary government.
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    General Food & Dining Thread According to their Facebook page the address is 101 - 10130 105 st, Edmonton, AB, Canada, Alberta.
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    General Food & Dining Thread A cannabis restaurant is certainly interesting.
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    Municipal Politics
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    West Edmonton Mall
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    ICE District

    Guess I'll try something different and post some images of the Oktoberfest event at the Fan Park.
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    Valley Line LRT/ Valley Line West | ?m | ?s | City of Edmonton