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    Downtown Real Estate

    They had some of the best selection in the city. I liked them way better than HMV in that regard.
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    ^Exactly. It's fine.
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    Edmonton Oilers

    If Broberg (on his off-side, at that) can be a long-term solution to stabilize the troubled play of Nurse, that's not only huge for this series, but the longer term.
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    General Food & Dining Thread

    ^I wouldn't mind if they got rid of their FEMA huts and did the rooftop thing instead.
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    General Food & Dining Thread

    There was another one near the old Days Paint space across from MacEwan a few years ago, before the building was demolished for the LRT.
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    Edmonton City Centre Mall (Renovations) | ?m | 2s | LaSalle Investment Management

    It's nice to see that interest in this mall is not entirely flagging.
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    I'm very pleased to inform you that this is no longer an issue as of at least a few months ago. You can access the mall from 102 Ave in the evening hours now. They have a security guard posted by that entrance to keep an eye on things, too. This was a huge gripe for me, too, as someone who goes...
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    Edmonton Oilers

    I remember waiting for a table at Earl's Jasper Ave during one of their playoff runs (maybe 2017?), and Zack Kassian walked in behind me and requested a table. He was made to wait like a normal plebe like me, and sat directly beside me in the lobby. It took a lot of restraint for me to not geek...
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    Edmonton Oilers

    Yeah it works out to something like ~$100K per roster player for teams that make the finals, and about ~$160K/player for the teams that win the cup: Not a massive chunk of compensation compared to how much the team is earning, but...
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    Municipal Politics

    Is the city responsible for school yard maintenance, or does that fall on the school board(s)?
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    Manulife Place Renovations | 145.99m | 36s | AIMCo | MdeAS

    It should be the ICE District, not the Bank District.
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    The Pearl | 118.87m | 36s | Regency Developments | KENNEDY

    It was a hideous shade of orange. Gaudy and jarring. Yet I couldn't look away!
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    I'm aware. But this one is in my neighborhood, and is a bigger location than Bonnie Doon's.
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    Man, there's not much left inside Westmount Mall anymore, but it will be sad to lose Revolver (if they are one of the affected tenants). Not too many shops like that around these days!
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    Capital Line LRT

    ^Easier to clean, though...
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    Alberta Politics

    GOODBYE CRUEL WORLD. How could I possibly continue to read this forum without the insights of one of history's greatest thinkers, Whattagameup?!?!
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    General Food & Dining Thread

    Ragazzi, Panini's, Birch & Bear.
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    Edmonton Oilers

    The Oilers looked and played like a team that was saddled by illness, injury, or both.
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    Edmonton Oilers

    Splitting up Nurse-Ceci and limiting their minutes seems to have been a wise choice. However, if I were Knoblauch I would be thinking strongly of playing Stecher in place of Ceci. The gaffes and poor reads are getting too difficult to ignore.
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    Williams Hall | ?m | 7s | Beljan Development | Hodgson Schilf Evans

    Do you have any reason to believe that City Centre Mall is considering building new towers of some sort?