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    Blatchford Development | ?m | ?s | City of Edmonton

    This might be too early for now, but with the feds proposing to redevelop defence lands for housing, what are the chances they include the armoury next to Blatchford?
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    Valley Line LRT/ Valley Line West | ?m | ?s | City of Edmonton

    Many statistics from other countries that follow this approach doesn't really go anywhere.. and then they start drug wars which can just overspill to more communities, more spending for militarizing police, causing more instabilities to even more communities. Also, asking for a friend, when has...
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    Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) in Edmonton

    Although I think changes to whyte ave can only have lesser opposition from road users is if there was a parallel road that would support the east-west traffic south of the river (i.e. 72 ave over the CP tracks, as many have suggested). North Saskatchewan Dr cuts off at 99 st but if that can...
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    103 Avenue Civic Precinct Renewal

    I have a suggestion to this! Not sure if this has been planned or so but here: Convert 97 st from Jasper Ave to 118 ave as one-way northbound traffic then possibly narrowing the lanes down to three. The potential for adding bus/bike lanes and/or wider sidewalks especially for Chinatown. I think...
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    EllisDon to Lead Prairie Link High-Speed Rail Partners - Edm-RD-Cal

    Poor planning and execution, I think, is what makes GO Transit in Ontario not as popular as it should (i.e. suburban train stations that are literally surrounded by lots and lots of parking lots, inconsistent train schedules). It pretty much subsidizes the suburban way (car-centric) of living...
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    Car-Free Streets

    I think the Edmonton's redeveloped 102 Avenue isn’t comparable to Calgary’s 7th Avenue. Much larger train cars pass through 7th Avenue which can appear really high for pedestrians on adjacent sidewalks. It’s not even close to eye level and thus, I think, really creates some poor sight lines...