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  1. J

    Alberta Politics

    She lives rent free in your head eh?
  2. J

    Edmonton Companies News & Discussion

    So they signed a long term lease with Manulife if they saw this coming?
  3. J

    Jasper Avenue New Vision / Imagine Jasper Avenue

    From what I notice, most businesses clean up in front of their businesses in the morning. Then trash pigeons come through the day emptying out entire trash cans, or disposing of their belongings right on the street. After a while, I'm sure some of the people question what's the point of...
  4. J

    Boyle Street Community Services | ?m | 2s

    I tend to agree, just leave the political talk in the political threads. Especially if they are constant insults that serve little purpose.
  5. J

    LRT Safety

  6. J

    Homelessness, Addiction and Mental Health

    It's definitely not easy, and it's not a complete solution, but if you eliminate the element that needs more than housing, then efforts can be more directed towards people who would benefit the most from housing, as well as being the most sustainable and efficient group to help. Would also...
  7. J

    Homelessness, Addiction and Mental Health

    Incarcerate the criminals, institutionalize the mentally ill, then it would be possible to house the remainder. If the former isn't done, you likely can't do the latter.
  8. J

    Car-Free Streets

    Potentially more cars in the bike lanes during this period than bikes?
  9. J

    Downtown Real Estate

    Just a flat out no to subsidies. Increasing ROI of already profitable projects is a waste of taxpayer dollars. Incentivizing marginally feasible projects also seems like bad business. It's great council is saying no to this lobby group.
  10. J

    Downtown Real Estate

    Hawrelak Park as well as he was removed from office twice.
  11. J

    Downtown Real Estate

    No need for govt to subsidize private industry here. Would be a gross misuse of taxpayer funds for corporate welfare.
  12. J

    South Edmonton Hospital & Health Campus | ?m | ?s | Province of Alberta

    On an absolute basis, near impossible unless deflation occurs. On a basis of growth in costs vs growth in gov't revenues, maybe.
  13. J

    Yellowhead Trail Upgrades

    It doesnt appear work was done on the direct fort road lanes over the winter. They must be waiting for spring to continue on the additional lanes. Collector roads and earth moving seemed to happen over winter though.
  14. J

    Municipal Politics

    City should just consider privitizing these jobs to avoid these excessive salaries that unions command. Would be nice to lower costs associated with these services when possible.
  15. J

    Edmonton International Airport (EIA/YEG)

    I just feel that since you don't disagree with the poster, but find the content irrelevant, using the ignore function would be highly beneficial and a very easy solution.
  16. J

    The Edmonton Method - Snow Removal

    I'm pretty satisified with the snow clearing. Not much can be done outside major routes until the snow stops, and roads already seem decently plowed by today. I think expecting more would involve a substantial amount to the budget, and would only result in most roads only being cleared...
  17. J

    Edmonton International Airport (EIA/YEG)

    I, for one, appreciate the contributions that are made, even withstanding some of the comments that may be slightly off topic. If it causes you so much concern, I believe there is an ignore function available that may be quite useful for your needs.
  18. J

    West Garneau | 27m | 6s | Westrich Pacific | J+S Architect

    What does it state on your lease?
  19. J

    Falcon Towers | 170m | 44s | Langham Developments | Arc Studio

    My guess is 2026. I'll assume they wait for occupancy of first tower, and wait to see if interest rates decline.
  20. J

    Winspear Centre Completion Project | 29.87m | 4s | Winspear Centre | Andrew Bromberg

    I see so many people on site daily for years now, but this thing just progresses so slowly. I wonder if it is due to the complication of the design or due to having a lower worker count than optimal? Will be so nice to eventually have this built, but is there any chance this will happen before...