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  1. SarcasticMarmot

    Capital Line LRT

    I don't think getting East Asian companies to build them would make much of a difference. The difference in governance likely plays a bigger role than who is building it. When I lived in Taiwan while they were building a bunch of commuter rail projects the difference was stark, no community...
  2. SarcasticMarmot

    Capital Line LRT

    This is a major piece of decision making that needs to be fully understood. Cities do not have much control over a large portion of their infrastructure funding, changing things has knock on effects. I would also rather them focus on the NW extension or tunnelling under University Ave. But...
  3. SarcasticMarmot

    Iron Horse Line / Station Park | ?m | 6s | Beljan Development | Hodgson Schilf Evans

    Saw a couple of construction dudes working on the patio today I think.
  4. SarcasticMarmot

    Old Strathcona / Whyte Avenue

    87000 people died from cancer in Canada, home of doctors. How does that help? SCS are one tool in fighting overdose deaths, a vital one proven many times over to save lives. It is NOT a silver bullet that immediately solves all addictions or overdoes deaths. To discount their value based on...
  5. SarcasticMarmot

    Edmonton Oilers

    I bet the OEG would see any activity like that as competition and immediately raise a stink with the city. I don't think we will ever see anything large scale that isn't directly controlled by OEG again.
  6. SarcasticMarmot

    Old Strathcona & The Garneau Real Estate

    Isn't that the place that developed a patio with a permit/planning permission and got smacked down by the city?
  7. SarcasticMarmot

    Cycling and Active Transportation in Edmonton

    Very interested in what the design for the 112 ave/82 st crossing will look like. I suspect if you are biking along 112th between highlands and downtown you will end up having to cross 112 twice, once at Borden park and then again when past the train line. Don't love that and I suspect many bike...
  8. SarcasticMarmot

    Edmonton's Population

    I'd be careful with this optimism. I am working with a number of newcomers to Edmonton from Toronto, they are explicitly coming because they want the SFH suburban dream they can't get in Ontario. These aren't urbanists looking to live in the core. This is further evidenced by how depressed the...
  9. SarcasticMarmot


    Honestly, because of the inequity in access to hospitals between South and North Edmonton, I would actually applaud the UCP if they seriously invested in Royal Alex instead of the new South Hospital. The Royal Alex is one of the highest use hospitals in the province, is ancient, and covers a...
  10. SarcasticMarmot


    Sorry, yes. My ADHD brain read IanO's comment as 104 ave. Those are the two I hate. The one on 104 st and Jasper is just fine. PS, your username is awesome.
  11. SarcasticMarmot

    50 Street Widening & CP Rail Grade Separation

    Agree with this one being the priority. Not only is it bad for traffic, but it also hinders the frequency/capacity of the LRT.
  12. SarcasticMarmot


    These two intersections alone have set back public acceptance of scrambles by years. I personally love scrambles, but even I have grown to loathe these two as useless. Its infuriating to regularly wait twice for scrambles that have almost no usage, especially on the major through route on the...
  13. SarcasticMarmot

    50 Street Widening & CP Rail Grade Separation

    I dunno, as a regular but not daily user of that road it seems like the crossing are far less frequent and the trains move through it faster than they do at the 50th street one. I could be wrong though, maybe the time of day I travel through it has less frequent disruptions. I'm not sure its...
  14. SarcasticMarmot

    Stadium Yards | ?m | 6s | Rohit Communities

    Who do I have to kill for it to include a mid-range community pub?
  15. SarcasticMarmot

    Arc Smart Fare System

    I don't understand why they even bothered to include the tap off feature. I've only ever seen it used in places where there is a different cost for going a shorter distance. If we actually had zones or distance based fares then it would be useful, otherwise its just useless!
  16. SarcasticMarmot

    Legislature Grounds / Centennial Plaza

    No, I don't think you do. I know alot of families for whom the wadding pool was a highlight who will be far less excited about yet another spray park. It was a lazy/cheap decision made by people who don't value public spaces as worthwhile investment for the community.
  17. SarcasticMarmot


    This part makes me nervous, the "Successful business operator to Developer" path seems to often result in once used land turning into vacant lots. See Wild Earth Bakery....
  18. SarcasticMarmot

    Roxy Theatre Rebuild | ?m | 2s | Theatre Network | Group2

    I think jwroller told us everything. They are clearly connected to the whole fiasco to have such a visceral reaction to a tasteless joke. Seems the south building owner won't grant access until Roxy admits fault and fixes any damages to their building, and Roxy won't admit fault while the whole...
  19. SarcasticMarmot


    I found this sales post from Avison Young. Very much looks like its been chopped up into separate developments. Likely generic 4-6 story ones as everything else in that area is.
  20. SarcasticMarmot

    Edmonton International Airport (EIA/YEG)

    Pretty sure the 747 is governed/funded by a collection of Leduc County, City of Leduc, City of Edmonton, and YEG with service being provided by ETS. Probably best to hound all 4 groups.