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  1. cpnfantstk

    Valley Line LRT/ Valley Line West | ?m | ?s | City of Edmonton

    Someone mentioned here that the bridge was built by American Bridge Co, This 122 year old company has an extensive portfolio of bridge building. I can't understand how this can happen to the Tawatina bridge as well. A link to their page. A short summary of the project; Tawatina Bridge Project...
  2. cpnfantstk

    General Architecture & Design Discussion

    I appreciate the links. . There's three buildings in San Franscisco that look very similar to Telus House. Seems like the 650 California Street Building (formely the Hartford Buildiing )is the closest in appearance. After doing a bit more research, this boxy no-frills style is known as the...
  3. cpnfantstk

    General Architecture & Design Discussion

    I'm trying to find the name of the near identical twin to Edmonton's Telus House in San Fransisco. If anyone knows the name of that building I wpuld appreciate it. What style of architecture is it? I know it's a "box" basically but I've seen some other cities with similar 70's architecture (...
  4. cpnfantstk

    ICE District Phase 2 | 149.95m | ?s | ICE District Prop.

    Right...if there were a market for Phase 1and those residences sold well, tower BG would have stuck to it's original plan of a 188m residential tower instead of the 60m CWB Bank proposal we have now.
  5. cpnfantstk

    Edmonton Skyline

    Accidental Beach by Fraser Brimsmead This Edmonton artist does some incredible work.
  6. cpnfantstk

    Stantec Tower | 250.84m | 66s | ICE District Prop.

    Great photos. Stantec from the west looks OK but from the east view, the building looks unfinished. That black/grey vertical bar running down the upper portion (elevator shaft covering?) looks odd and ugly. It'd be nice if they'd cover it with the same blue glass panels as the rest of the...
  7. cpnfantstk

    ICE District Block IJ | ?m | ?s | ICE District Prop. | Next Architecture

    Better look like the maze from the movie ,The Shining ,for that price.😁
  8. cpnfantstk

    ICE District Block IJ | ?m | ?s | ICE District Prop. | Next Architecture

    The hell with that priciing. Have you looked at the OIl Kings instead? They play Red Deer on the 30th and Lethbridge on the 1st with fireworks afterwards. Went to a WHL game in Victoria once and was really entertained. Take in the game, watch the fireworks and spend what you will on food and...
  9. cpnfantstk

    The Parks | 146.91m | 45s | 35s | 13s | Pangman | Hariri Pontarini

    I get what you're saying and I'm in the same age bracket as you are. However, this photo illustrates that a lot has changed in the past decade or so. Roger's Place, JW, Ultima, Fox1 and 2 , COE Tower,Stantec and EPCOR didn't exist in this photo. From certain angles, I'll agree, the core looks...
  10. cpnfantstk

    Metro Line LRT | ?m | ?s | City of Edmonton

    Unfortunately , you are 100 percent. Have a brother that lives in Victoria and calls buses "peasant wagons". What a POS remark. Many find ways to put themselves on that pedestal any chance they can get and what an easy way to do it. Personally, I think good public transportation solves a lot...
  11. cpnfantstk

    Unbuilt Projects

    I undertand that feelng. However, a lot of the unbuilt office towers might be a blessing in disguise. Edmonton can have a downtown done right with the right mix of mixed use and residential towers instead of pure office. I think the right mix of structures will eventually make our downtown...
  12. cpnfantstk

    Valley Line LRT/ Valley Line West | ?m | ?s | City of Edmonton

    "DBRS Limited (DBRS Morningstar) downgraded the Issuer Rating of TransEd Partners General Partnership (ProjectCo) and the rating on its Series A Bonds to BB while maintaining its status as Under Review with Negative Implications" Continued in link below. (Their press release from November 3...
  13. cpnfantstk

    Valley Line LRT/ Valley Line West | ?m | ?s | City of Edmonton

    The guy in the video mentioned that the final design of the piers would be discussed with city management. Maybe those steel belts can be covered with more concrete creating a more uniform looking designed pier. No way would I accept anything less. Has to look like a finished product.
  14. cpnfantstk

    The Quarters Hotel and Residences | 280.1m | 80s | Alldritt Land | KENNEDY

    My understanding is that Aldritt has a yard full of early 20th century bricks stored for the purpose of using them for this tower's podium. If they can build a glass tower and have a similar heritage podium to Kelly Ramsey's (Enbridge), it'd be perfect for the area..Tower would be truly...
  15. cpnfantstk

    Stantec Tower | 250.84m | 66s | ICE District Prop.

    Think Dave and Buster's would be perfect. Eat/Drink/ Play. Sport's Bar/ Restaurant/ Arcade.. Parties and Events (Kids birthday's too). There's two in Toronto and the rest are in the U,S, Went to the one in Orlando and had a great time.
  16. cpnfantstk

    Downtown Real Estate

    This article leads to another that states that many of our office buidlings are not suitable for conversion to residential while Calgary has an incentive program for developers to convert their office towers. Why are their's suitable and ours are not? Here's the article link. Nearly one-in-five...
  17. cpnfantstk

    Stantec Tower | 250.84m | 66s | ICE District Prop.

    Would have been nice. I'm sure it's something that wouldn't be hard to add to in the future. Maybe get their condo's occupancy filled up first.
  18. cpnfantstk

    Valley Line LRT/ Valley Line West | ?m | ?s | City of Edmonton

    Isn't TranEd a consortium of some highly respected companies in the industry? According to Wikipedia, the Davies section is the only track that is elevated, How long is this section within the 13.1 km track? Read that Marigold is working on Valley West. I hope they're reliable because this...
  19. cpnfantstk

    Valley Line LRT/ Valley Line West | ?m | ?s | City of Edmonton

    Going to look like poo if this is the type of collar you speak of. Looks like old teeth braces..