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  1. Kaizen

    Cycling and Active Transportation in Edmonton

    ...and some more positive attention for Edmonton from a new Ottawa YouTube channel (their very first video to boot!) 5:34 Edmonton's plan
  2. Kaizen

    University of Alberta Renovations/New Buildings

    here here 👍
  3. Kaizen

    Urban Green Cohousing | 15m | 4s | Urban Green | DIALOG

    Good stuff
  4. Kaizen


    ^^ I would love love love to see that empty lot developed, anything close to the multi-story mixed use zone allowed is needed. That's the lot across the street from the Green Onion cake store.
  5. Kaizen

    50 Street Widening & CP Rail Grade Separation

    Ottawa helps Edmonton cover inflated 50 Street rail crossing costs with $30.8-million grant The overpass and lanes are expected to open in 2026 with some continuing into 2027. Transport Minister Omar Alghabra, right, inspects the construction on the 50 Street overpass after making a funding...
  6. Kaizen

    High Level Bridge Streetcar / ERRS

    Street Car Party! Looking for the perfect opportunity to check out the street car? The Common’s Street Car parties are back with different breweries each Thursday! What could be a more Edmonton experience than sitting on the Street Car on the top of the High Level Bridge having a glass of cask...
  7. Kaizen

    Exhibition Lands Redevelopment | ?m | ?s | City of Edmonton

    ^ definitely not, it's such a shame they won't pursue repurposing.
  8. Kaizen

    Urban National Park Option for the River Valley

    GUNTER: Hold a referendum before handing Edmonton's river valley over to the feds Federal protection comes with federal control Published Jul 06, 2023 • Last updated 1 hour ago • 3 minute read Coloured leaves are reflected in the North Saskatchewan River as the warm weather continues on...
  9. Kaizen

    ONE12 | 46m | 14s

    From this morning
  10. Kaizen

    Valley Line LRT/ Valley Line West | ?m | ?s | City of Edmonton

    I thought this was a pretty good piece, pretty much bang on. Colby Cosh: Edmonton's transit showcase on civilizational decline Crews continue to test Edmonton's Valley Line LRT at the Muttart LRT stop, Tuesday 23, 2022. PHOTO BY DAVID BLOOM/POSTMEDIA Colby Cosh: Edmonton's transit showcase on...
  11. Kaizen

    The Louvre at Century Park | ?m | 6s | ProCura Real Estate | DIALOG

    ^ Not yet, but soon hopefully. It won't be opening by 2024, it's gotta start first. I like the building over all, but not the street level, seems cold. No CRU's by the looks of it which is understandable, but it just looks kinda blah to me. Hopefully a better presentation street wise will...
  12. Kaizen

    Edmonton - A day in the life

    Some really great photos Ian. But it's a duplicate thread of Around Edmonton and think this new thread should just be posted there, then deleted? My thoughts anyways, I'm not trying to be the forum photo police, but just think sometime "less is more". Cheers 😌
  13. Kaizen

    Maclab Garneau | Laurent | Eleanor | 98.14m | 30s | Maclab Development

    More please, a little closer 😄
  14. Kaizen


    Thank you for your post TAS, your a good soul, and 💥 Happy Canadian Day
  15. Kaizen

    The Mercury Block | 21.7m | 6s

    Ya, what is that, a cool bus stop shelter? Would save on glass... Maybe advertising on the other side. I want one. - edit, didn't see your post Ted
  16. Kaizen

    Maclab Garneau | Laurent | Eleanor | 98.14m | 30s | Maclab Development

    Oops, maybe it's the new dollar store, with the new improved price. The 30 Store, haha. The Lauren
  17. Kaizen


    I believe it's near an hour bike ride from my house 😄
  18. Kaizen

    Marathons & General Racing Events

    Ride like you’re in the Tour de France and add Canada’s scenic landscape (and a moose or two)! L’Étape Canada by Tour de France is one of 28 worldwide amateur cycling events created to make you feel like a true Tour de France champion. Race on a course designed by Tour de France experts and...