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  1. DTYEG

    Arc Smart Fare System

    I would just sign up anyway. It says you have to be 18+ in order to win the contest, but when you complete the form there is a question about ago and you can select under 18.
  2. DTYEG

    CX | 57.91m | 21s | Beaverbrook | GEC

    I think it could be used for University students, but I think the flats would work out best for families with 2-3 kids. It is so close to Grandin School and they are building a few more suites for families.
  3. DTYEG

    JW Marriott and The Legends Private Residences | 191.1m | 56s | ICE District Prop. | Hariri Pontarini

    I think you answered your own question LOL. If you picked up someone in you green Lambo then hopefully you would not take them to Moms. (It negates the Lambo entirely)
  4. DTYEG

    Downtown Real Estate

    That seems right. Thanks for the info. I thought that Sandman and Sutton place were always owner and operators. But did not know that they both are owned by the same group. Just checked the website and they are.
  5. DTYEG

    The Parks | 146.91m | 45s | 35s | 13s | Pangman | Hariri Pontarini

    My guess is that this building is one of the ones getting the the Edmonton Economic Recovery Construction Grant Program. Pull it ahead one year and go tax free till 2027 does sound like a good plan.
  6. DTYEG

    Downtown Real Estate

    I guess that means that the Sutton Place Hotel has been sold to Sandman?
  7. DTYEG

    Jasper House | 108m | ?s

    So it going to be a Safeway (But I not sure why as the Oliver one is close. Unless they are closing it?) New Safeway location to open along Jasper Avenue in the fall The store will include a bakery, meat and seafood, a deli and a floral department. Edmontonians in the Jasper Avenue area will...
  8. DTYEG

    Downtown Real Estate

    Where has it said which 5 of the 10 have been named so far? Are you able to share?
  9. DTYEG

    Warehouse District Park

    I just wish they were able to acquire the building with the See Zen Benevolent Society @10171 107 St. I guess you cant have it all but it just such an ugly building next to the park.
  10. DTYEG

    Warehouse District Park

    Yes I herd that the two plots of land were Doan's and the site of the canceled project Jasper house So the park is more of a uniform shape.
  11. DTYEG


    Northwest police Station finally set to open. Just a tad late :D ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- After years of delays, northwest Edmonton Police Service campus set to open March 1 After two years of delays, due in large part...
  12. DTYEG

    Scotia Place Reclad | 113.08m | 28s | Kasian

    I didn't realize that Scotiabank was going to move out of Scotia Place when they announced the new branch at the Ice district. Disappointed that we are loosing another bank on Jasper Ave. It looks like Scotia Wealth management is already in Stantec tower. I wonder if they are exiting the...
  13. DTYEG

    Williams Hall | ?m | 7s | Beljan Development | Hodgson Schilf Evans

    New signs up one the building. This is one of my favorite Beljan projects as it should bring some life into one of the deadest blocks downtown!
  14. DTYEG


    I think they have different circumstances as the Don Wheaton YMCA is about 20 years newer than the one in Calgary. Whenever I have been there the gym is fairly busy pre COVID. My guess is that a 33 year old gym in Calgary has a hard time competing with the new ones downtown.
  15. DTYEG

    Downtown Crash hotel has turned into a co-working space it seems. At least until the pandemic ends I am guessing.
  16. DTYEG

    Winspear Centre Completion Project | 29.87m | 4s | Winspear Centre | Andrew Bromberg

    I was out for a walk yesterday (Nov 18 2020) and there was a backhoe digging deeper on the northwest corner of the site. I do not think it stalled yet.
  17. DTYEG

    Kinistinâw Park

    The fences are all down now and the park is open.( (Just in time for winter haha) Photo taken today Oct 29 2020
  18. DTYEG

    Warehouse District Park

    Everything I have heard is that they are setting up what they want included in the design of the park. Then have an international design competition. But they have also completed talks to buy additional parcels of land so that the park can be more rectangular in shape.
  19. DTYEG

    Valley Line LRT/ Valley Line West | ?m | ?s | City of Edmonton

    I think flower pots would clash with the bombed out building motif. I think burning oil barrels would go better. But in all seriousness they do need to put up proper hoarding.
  20. DTYEG

    CNIB Redevelopment | 106m | 32s | ONE Properties | Wallman Architects

    Here is a link to the layout of the main floor retail bays The CNIB must be in one of the upper levels of the tower I take it?