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    ETS Bus and General Transit Improvements

    Yesterday, I remembered another reason why I much prefer cycling over transit: so many bus drivers drive like maniacs! I got nauseated from just a 15 minute ride. I love and appreciate the bus – today's rides were much better – but rider experience leaves a lot to be desired. More LRTs, please...
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    Keep 102 Ave closed to vehicles

    There's another set of studies that's gone to Urban Planning Committee and administration for overall downtown pedestrianization. I'm not sure where it's at, but there are orgs asking for input
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    kihciy askiy (Sacred Land) | ?m | ?s

    I think I saw on social media that this has been opened. Maybe not the grand opening, but some city politicians were there.
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    Electric Vehicles - the future is now

    I'm doing a project at work related to EV charging in multi-units in Alberta. If that's of interest, would be happy to discuss!
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    Arc Smart Fare System

    What's the theory behind letting people on in the front and back? My experience in other countries is that there's enough peer pressure for most people to still tap even if they alight from a rear door.
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    Blatchford Development | ?m | ?s | City of Edmonton

    Wastewater is to recover heat for district heating system, alleviating some elec need for heat pumps in that system. It doesn't generate elec directly. All households should be able to recover both heat from wastewater and the water itself (e.g. shower water to flush toilets?), but it hasn't...
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    Town of Jasper Updates

    The current private options up to Marmot Basin are incredibly confusing. Maligne also also has SO much potential (and need - had a few case this summer of drivers stopping dangerously to take photos of roadside animals). Edith Cavell too? Or even just connections to the campgrounds!!
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    EllisDon to Lead Prairie Link High-Speed Rail Partners - Edm-RD-Cal

    SF-LA - construction underway for half of the route and design/impact assessments underway for the other half Dallas-Houston - had lots of momentum and seems to have cleared a big legal barrier, but conservative Texas politicians have...
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    Arc Smart Fare System

    I was just in Toronto and got a PRESTO card. When you tap it, it shows you how much balance you have left and if a tap is a transfer or counted as a new ride. I didn't think about that back when the feedback portal was open, but would add that now. I also wonder what other simple things like...
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    Warehouse District Park

    :( I think a small water feature like in Paul Kane, or Toronto's upcoming Love Park will make a massive difference in atmosphere. I like the other stuff too, of course. We just need to clear up more parking space... Off to EDC on September 6th. Should we expect anything interesting to come out...
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    Keep 102 Ave closed to vehicles

    After the LRT line opens (not a joke). TransEd needs to give the whole route back to the City :(
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    Cycling and Active Transportation in Edmonton

    Awesome stuff! Curious – do you think the change in bike counters is due to a change in where people are biking? This data does not reflect the anecdotes we have from bike stores about surging sales.
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    Keep 102 Ave closed to vehicles

    I prefer the little curb. With some repainting, the current bike lanes are be more clearly for pedestrians and the lower vehicle lane just for bikes (and emergency vehicles). That's how we have it in the centre of The Hague. Maybe I'm just nostalgic. If bollards come up there, I'm curious why...
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    Town of Jasper Updates

    From what I saw on Parks Canada and Town of Jasper sites, the boundary is already huge and they're not making use of a lot of it. I don't see a need to expand either. It's what's already in there that needs work.
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    Keep 102 Ave closed to vehicles

    And the north side one (photo'd above) is already going to be on a "dead end" because 102 Ave would be eastbound only from 99 St and westward. Dead ends aren't a problem. People already find very creative ways to turn around and maybe we should have higher driver training standards
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    Keep 102 Ave closed to vehicles

    Motion was for 99–103 St. The last bit between 102 and 103 St is that uglier asphalt right now, but I think makes a huge difference because of the mall's desire to turn inside out there and for YMCA.
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    Keep 102 Ave closed to vehicles

    I have, actually. I recognize there are changes it might demand. One Dutch city I lived in does commercial loading on weekday mornings before 9. They're allowed to use the front street bike/pedestrian areas for a limited window of time. That keeps other lanes free for drivers. An ideal future...
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    Keep 102 Ave closed to vehicles

    I don't think I posted this here yet – I wanted to do a better job first, but alas, time is short. I looked through my own post history but couldn't find it. Anyways, in the spirit of showing, not telling, I wanted to think about what the very centre of the city might look like if we decided we...
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    Town of Jasper Updates

    Any clue how development in Jasper works? I'm curious about two things: 1. Are they learning from Canmore and Banff that main streets should be pedestrianized (esp. in the summer)? Patricia desperately needs it. 2. Jasper seems like a post-war suburb. They have an infill policy, but what's the...