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    Parking, Parking, Parking

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    Churchill Square

    If Churchill hadn't collaborated with the allied powers, he would have been more known for his racism, white supremacy, union busting, colonialism, and tacit support of genocide in current and former colonies. Until someone can suggest someone better, I am supporting Gomberg Square.
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    Misc. Transportation Projects

    With this mess of all these new private bus companies, it's almost as if we need a bus station!
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    Municipal Politics

    Now that hybrid work has been extended, why won't the City consolidate its office space to Edmonton Tower?
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    Capital Line LRT

    I hope cancellation of the hospital delays phase 2, and accelerates Metro line extensions.
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    Municipal Politics

    Staples has been playing with fire for years. I hope this cry wolf is the final nail in his career's coffin.
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    Churchill Square

    As we are coming up on the 20th anniversary of very esteemed Edmontonian Tooker Gomberg's suicide, who would think it would be a good idea to rename the square after him?
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    Misc. Transportation Projects

    Email the councillor!
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    Municipal Politics

    She in deep doodoo
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    Municipal Politics

    Too busy planning to run for the UCP.
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    Municipal Politics

    She needs to resign immediately or be barred from re-election for life.
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    Municipal Politics

    An agreement has been reached. Strike averted!
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    Alberta Politics

    They already do by not enforcing federal gun laws.
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    New Zoning Bylaw

    What a nightmare in Cowgary. See how that creeper Chu councillor supports it? Anyone who votes with him is on the wrong side of politics.
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    Valley Line LRT/ Valley Line West | ?m | ?s | City of Edmonton

    What about adding smaller barriers in the turning lanes, like mini-rising bollards or unfolding fences like in Japan?
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    Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) in Edmonton

    Isn't there a refined recommendations list coming after last year's mass transit engagement?
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    Edmonton International Airport (EIA/YEG)

    So when will those planes be hydrogen powered and will it be blue (big yuck) or green?
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    Municipal Politics

    There is money for Edmonton: ROADS and lots of them -just to piss off federal Minister Guilbeault!
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    Cycling and Active Transportation in Edmonton

    A complete and utter failure on so many levels. Please send your complaints to the City insisting they DO BETTER!
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    Municipal Politics

    I don't necessarily think Alberta is Calling is a risk to the UCP. A lot of people who moved here came from rural and suburban parts of other provinces. I suspect these are like-minded conservatives who were already thinking of moving to Alberta.