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  1. Rapperswill

    Edmonton Real Estate Market

    Oh it's coming. The higher the interest rates rise or the longer they stay at these levels the more people you will see migrate into our province. I'm in my 10th year of living in Alberta and to me, Calgary and Edmonton have always been very underpopulated and easy to get around in. Well, I took...
  2. Rapperswill

    Old Remand Centre Redevelopment | ?m | ?s | Boyle Street | Manasc Isaac

    Anyone been inside the Old Remand Centre yet?? As a visitor of course :). I remember training there for a couple of months. It's rough inside for sure but years of HGTV viewing with my wife have taught me that Bryan Beaumler can make anything look nice.
  3. Rapperswill

    Edmonton Riverhawks Baseball 2021 onward

    Very nice to see the stadium packed. I wish every game had this many fans but nevertheless baseball in our city lives!! See you all next season!
  4. Rapperswill

    Edmonton Real Estate Market

    Not surprised by that chart at all Ian. In fact, I'd probably argue that those numbers are even higher than what is reported. I know lots of people back home in the Greater Toronto Area that have essentially given up on owning a house. They've embraced the "living with the parents / renters for...
  5. Rapperswill

    Edmonton Branding and Tourism strategy

    Good win for the Oilers tonight. I'm not sure how much you guys follow what the other players say on social media and I apologise if this was already discussed but Marchand recently got into it with some Oilers fans. Now as much as I hate the guy I can't help but feel that his words are echoed...
  6. Rapperswill

    Edmonton Real Estate Market

    Apparently there’s still a dog food company in Morinville and the smell is still there. I reached out to a few of my acquaintances last night and they said that it’s not “7 days a week bad” but it’s definitely noticeable depending on which way the wind blows. That’s a bummer really but I had a...
  7. Rapperswill

    Edmonton Real Estate Market

    How bad is the smell from that dog food factory in Morinville does anyone know? The wife and I are thinking of buying a home out there as houses are much bigger and cheaper. I was surprised the other day; we took a drive from Costco in St. Albert to Morinville and it only took us about 5-6...
  8. Rapperswill

    Edmonton Real Estate Market

    With the continuing rise of interest rates I'm seeing some really good deals on residential properties in and around our city. You know something, Edmonton just may be the last 1+ million people city in Canada where you can buy a house and actually pay it off long before you die; an advantage...
  9. Rapperswill

    The Riverhawks

    Went to watch the Riverhawks play against the Harbourcats yesterday. I had a good time. Similar turnout to the last time I was there though. What can the Riverhawks do to attract a bigger crowd?
  10. Rapperswill

    Downtown Crime

    I've been living in Edmonton for almost nine years now and I can count on my fingers how many times I've been downtown. It''s just not something that you do and most of my friends and family are of the same opinion. Now I don't have a solution to this problem, I'm just pointing to the fact that...
  11. Rapperswill

    Edmonton Real Estate Market

    I have to agree with some of the comments in this thread. You don't have to look very hard to see where the majority of Canadians want to live (Vancouver and GTA). Everything else is too cold and uninhabitable. But to each their own though; I mean I'll gladly plug my truck in when it's -20...
  12. Rapperswill


    How does everyone feel about our downtown?? I've been living in Edmonton for almost 9 years now and I can almost count on my fingers how many times I've been to the city's core. There's just nothing there that appeals to me but then again I'm probably not the type of a person that's wanted in...
  13. Rapperswill

    The Edmonton Elks - CFL

    Yup, that was me in V2 bud.
  14. Rapperswill

    The Edmonton Elks - CFL

    Had a really good time at the game yesterday. I see Ian already beat me to the photos but I'll share one of mine as well. Too bad we couldn't pull this one off but hey, my beer was cold, my food was warm and the wife picked me up afterward. The perks of being married haha.
  15. Rapperswill

    The Edmonton Elks - CFL

    Bought tickets for the September 11th game vs the Stampeders. Looking forward to this!
  16. Rapperswill

    Introduce Yourself

    Hi everyone. I've been a reader of the board for quite some time now and have finally decided to sign up. Unfortunately, I don't know much about construction but I'd like to share a photo or two of our great city and maybe a few emojis here and there. I can also be your backup/support in a...