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    Sedona Apartments | ?m | 9s | ProCura Real Estate | DIALOG

    If this is directed at ProCura, they've seemed to disappear with their work in Edmonton. So, not totally a surprise.
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    Municipal Politics

    Oh boy... :oops:
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    Municipal Politics

    Ooof. This won't go over well. I know it won't end up being 8.7 so I'm expecting a 4-5% increase.
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    South Edmonton Hospital & Health Campus | ?m | ?s | Province of Alberta

    Any idea if the new Edmonton schools that were announced have been tendered for construction?
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    Tower 101 | 175m | 50s | Regency Developments | DER + Associates

    Is someone like Alt not an ideal partner for this? Was it them or another hotel chain that wanted to build on 104 St a few years ago? Loved that proposal.
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    The Clifton | 55m | 15s

    Sure, but when you have $$$ to burn, why not? And who knows...maybe the individual who purchased it likes investing in real estate?
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    Boyle Street Community Services | ?m | 2s

    We'll have to agree to disagree on this one. I can see why it's being torn down and I have no issues with it.
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    Boyle Street Community Services | ?m | 2s

    Hate to say it but with the issues in that area, I'd rather it be torn down and left as a lot over being broken into by the homeless and potentially causing issues like a fire or vandalism.
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    General Food & Dining Thread

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    Boyle Street Community Services | ?m | 2s

    No pics but the old Boyle Street building is coming down.
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    Downtown Real Estate

    Wow, that's promising. Could be the $$$ we'd need to get some of these projects that are shovel ready off the ground.
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    J123 | 99.06m | 30s | Streamliner | DIALOG

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    Oliver Exchange | ?m | 2s | Beljan Development | Hodgson Schilf Evans

    Must've been some kind of tea he was drinking!
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    Yeah, they aren't building. One of the hashtags says #NewAcquisition
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    99 Street Apartment | 23m | 6s | Gardner Architecture

    About damn time! That lot has been like this for too long. And 99th is a perfect place for these kinds of apartments/condos.
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    The Quarters

    Based on this, I'm not expecting this council to help these developers out with any kind of incentive.
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    99 Street & 80 Avenue | ?m | 14s

    Any update on this one?
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    Paramount Redevelopment | ?m | ?s | ONE Properties

    Looks like they have nothing in the pipe for Edmonton, aside from the Paramount project.