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    If you follow the users on this it shows what looks like a waste water treatment plant under construction by PCL. 2 construction cranes in the video
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    Yellowhead Trail Upgrades

    Hard to tell from this image, but is there active construction happening on the overpass? Or are they merely still doing utility work etc?
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    Stationlands Residential Towers | 90m | 25s | Qualico | DIALOG

    Pushing the “Switch”
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    Edmonton Companies News & Discussion

    Every 3 weeks it’s $150 for 2 bags of groceries from them…..worth every penny! Where else can one get: spicy pickled Aubergine, muffalata spread, Calabrian chili oil etc…..
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    ONE12 | 46m | 14s

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    Edmonton Real Estate Market

    Best for last I guess……
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    Edmonton Real Estate Market

    Nothing for St.Albert, S.Park, Leduc etc etc?
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    Capital Line LRT

    There was a TBM?
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    Edmonton music concerts

    Likewise….looks like they are putting on 3-4 shows in the Emerald City in late May
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    Edmonton music concerts

    Noticed Pearl Jam announced a new album and tour…..YEG is not on it at present…..but probably will be added? Or do I have to go to Seattle in May to see them?
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    Edmonton Real Estate Market

    Of course Danny and/or 1 of her Croneys won’t be present. Can’t even look a gift horse in his mouth eh?
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    Mill Woods Town Centre Redevelopment | ?m | ?s
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    Edmonton Branding and Tourism strategy
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    West Block | 60.35m | 16s | Beaverbrook | GEC

    New info… is going taller and one is going shorter
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    Takin' it to the Streets -- an Edmonton Imperative

    Saw the word “street” in the is threads’ name… does anyone know WHY there was 250+ plus cars all facing West with a driver and multiple passengers in them at 10am today on Parsons and 50th st? Half of the length between 34th and 50th St on Parsons was lined with vehicles. The line eventually...