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    Falcon Towers | 170m | 44s | Langham Developments | Arc Studio

    I feel overall the development is suitable for the location. It isn't Ice District and does not have a River Valley View. It is nice, but not premium. However, I do agree about overdoing white, you are exactly right. We are not an Aegean Island, hot with the sun beating down for much of...
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    Keep 102 Ave closed to vehicles

    I do actually use 83 Avenue occasionally and find it convenient as a driver, but it is one street I really wonder why it is not pedestrian only. It probably should be.
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    Maclab Garneau | Laurent | Eleanor | 98.14m | 30s | Maclab Development

    There are also walk ups not far from this building and some very nice new buildings located downtown. People have different budgets and desirability.
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    ETS Bus and General Transit Improvements

    In reality whether we accept it or not, we are a region and there needs to be some level of coordination between communities for the overall good. For instance, we are not going to have every bus from another community stop at the city boundary and then have people get off and transfer to a...
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    Warehouse District Park

    Unfortunately, much of what the city touches turns to crud - expensive, but still not great. The bureaucracy seems to be able to wring out anything unique, interesting and outstanding and turn it into the equivalent of public space pablum, bland and boring.
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    Its not always just routine maintenance like roofing or replacing a furnace. I know two people who had houses that developed serious foundation issues. This was years ago, but even then the cost was way more than $20,000. They certainly did not have control over this and if they sold the...
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    Yes, people who are out on the streets wandering around all day are not there because it is fun. It is because they do not have better choices or can not make better choices and probably often some combination of both. So, I agree there is a direct link between the garbage strewn about on the...
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    Regional Transit

    Well, perhaps this makes sense for them. Sherwood Park is a much larger place close to Fort Saskatchewan. Regional transit doesn't have to only mean going from a suburban area to Edmonton. People also travel from Morinville to St. Albert or from Stony Plain to Spruce Grove. Inter regional...
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    Edmonton's Population

    Prices could go up here a lot and still be very affordable compared to the GTA and Vancouver, so I don't think that will be what causes migration to slow. The problem is more at the other end - prices there will need to level out or fall, or other things happen, to make it more affordable...
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    Yes, there is a strong link between the social problems, related disorder and cleanliness problems. Even though you may not see the person or people who did it as they have moved on, garbage strewn about and messes do not just not happen magically. They are caused by someone (or more than one...
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    ICE Tower

    This is actually a very reasonable solution, the best revenue generating option to keep the existing building looking fairly much the same, until it is worthwhile to build a large building on the site. So it should avoid what many including myself most dislike, tearing down an old under...
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    Scotia Place Reclad | 113.08m | 28s | Kasian

    The gold windows (now gone) and the red granite were quite distinctive. The granite is good quality and durable. It is probably not the current fashion, but I would would have liked to have kept it too.
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    Edmonton's Population

    I don't know if the Conference Board realizes that much of the migration here is currently driven significantly by lack of affordability in other places. Unless something significant changes during the year, which I doubt, I expect it will continue similar to 2023.
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    Edmonton International Airport (EIA/YEG)

    I could understand that Montreal, which is not growing much, might not have many more travelers, but a lot of people have come here over the last couple of years. Do these people not travel?
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    Edmonton Real Estate Market

    Around 30% less than for Calgary, unless there is some separate funding for St. Albert, Sherwood Park, etc... However, only slightly less than for Ottawa. I don't know if the long delay is an indication of where we rank in the Feds priorities, or something local that was holding things up. I...
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    The Quarters Hotel and Residences | 280.1m | 80s | Alldritt Land | KENNEDY

    Rather than put all our Quarters eggs in one basket, a narrow stip of land encroaching on the river valley, that may or may not happen, I feel it would be better to for the city try get some smaller developments on some of the existing lots in the Quarters. Surely with all the recent talk of...
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    ETS Bus and General Transit Improvements

    This council, more so than most past ones, does not seem to take its leadership role very seriously (or maybe they actually have no idea what to do) and constantly defers to the administration. There needs to be more critical discussion and review before hand, so what reaches council is of a...
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    Tower 101 | 175m | 50s | Regency Developments | DER + Associates

    It would be great if the remaining elements of the Tegler could be incorporated into whatever would be built here and some things added to replace what was lost.
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    Roxy Theatre Rebuild | ?m | 2s | Theatre Network | Group2

    Whatever the problem is this is unfortunate. Other than this, the building looks but that unfinished bit really detracts from it. I went by it a couple of days ago and was wondering about it too.
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    Edmonton City Centre Mall (Renovations) | ?m | 2s | LaSalle Investment Management

    It looked very nice, but fancy tea places around here sure seem to have a lukewarm reception. It seemed to take forever to set up and open and never seemed busy when I went by, so I'm not surprised if they are packing it in.