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    Saint A Square | ?m | 7s | Niche Developments

    I go there once in while for their Sunday Jam. There's been comments made around the fact that it won't be around much longer... Just rumours though, from what I could gather.
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    Coronation Community Recreation Centre | ?m | ?s | City of Edmonton | Dub Architects

    Grew up going to the Hemingway pool, once it was built. Many fond, and some not so fond, memories there.
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    Just behind this... "Around 1920, Walter Holowach came home from Vienna with a horse chestnut seed in his violin case and planted it in the family's downtown Edmonton yard."
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    Rogers Place | ?m | ?s | Katz Group | HOK

    It's a glitch in the Matrix. Run!
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    Rogers Place | ?m | ?s | Katz Group | HOK

    "Nothing ventured, nothing gained." Katz ventured, and gained. Next!
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    Natura | ?m | 3s | Sierra Lane Construction

    Absolutely. Some In-home business units, at least.
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    Rogers Place | ?m | ?s | Katz Group | HOK

    Adding some planters, hopefully...
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    Connect Centre | 56.3m | 16s | ONE Properties | DIALOG

    The world would be a boring place without dreamers, or the people that make those dreams reality.
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    CX | 57.91m | 21s | Beaverbrook | GEC

    Nice. Modern, urban, but maintaining a somewhat residential feel.
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    Encore Tower | 138m | 43s | Westrich Pacific | Dub Architects

    Along with points west...
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    Stanley A. Milner Library | ?m | 6s | EPL | Teeple Architects

    Personally, I don't find it boring. I find it depressing and ugly. It's really a shame, since with a few tweaks to the shape and different cladding, it could be so much better.
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    Stanley A. Milner Library | ?m | 6s | EPL | Teeple Architects

    Not much of a secret, now... lol
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    ICE District

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    Stanley A. Milner Library | ?m | 6s | EPL | Teeple Architects

    More curved lines similar to the upper NW corner would have done wonders for the exterior. Of course, the cladding still needs to be significantly better as well.
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    Manchester Square | ?m | 2s | 76 Group Co | Gardner Architecture

    Appears to be sheathing...
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    Quite the change!,-113.5056871,3a,75y,76.83h,86.41t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1szdZW8AnWbkfSPfOVKBegBQ!2e0!7i13312!8i6656?hl=en&authuser=0
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    Glenora Commercial Development | 11m | 2s | Beljan Development

    I get your point as well, but... Yeah, zoning is one thing, practical use is another. When standing on the sidewalk, looking at that piece of land, it does not present itself as a park. I would rather see this patch of land get rezoned to allow commercial development, than have something zoned...
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    Glenora Commercial Development | 11m | 2s | Beljan Development

    Yep, I know, but it isn't much of a park, and doesn't have any development on it. IMO, it would better serve the community as a small commercial development, which would be a better buffer to SPR... EDIT: Actually, it doesn't appear to be a proper public park, but more just a green space....
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    Glenora Commercial Development | 11m | 2s | Beljan Development

    I'm typically one for encouraging development, but this one just didn't make a lot of sense to me, since there is a triangle of undeveloped land immediately south of it that would be far better suited to a development like this. The wife and I walked around the area, and having a commercial...