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    Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) in Edmonton

    It’ll make transit users feel less like second class citizens! I see that as a problem.
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    Edmonton | Valley Line LRT | ?m | ?s | City of Edmonton

    It’s weird seeing standard three-bulbed lights oriented vertically, pretty rare in Alberta.
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    Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) in Edmonton

    Light Blue: Noneya business Dark Blue: Main source of commuting traffic in the area Red: Residential density and entertainment of the area Yellow: Where the rapid transit ought to go Seems logical to me! I agree that CP hogging the 76th corridor is ridiculous and that it should go through the...
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    Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) in Edmonton

    Someone obviously hasn’t gone on the 4 on Whyte Monday-Friday
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    Misc. Infrastructure Projects

    Agreed. At least on residential roads. Got a terrible blue LED outside my bedroom window that has caused many a sleepless night.(I’m aware blinds exist but I hate them)
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    Edmonton | Metro Line LRT | ?m | ?s | City of Edmonton

    I’m fairly sure this was Don Iveson’s campaign poster they put up on transit in 2013 so it’s a bit dated
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    Cycling and Active Transportation in Edmonton

    Personally it could be 100 million, 200 million, and so on, I’m just happy it’s getting investment. As for Janz’s numbers, I imagine it takes into account that not all city revenue is property taxes, and not all property taxes are residential so the explicit amount each individual pays for it...
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    Regional Transit

    I definitely agree with you on your points here, and hate to see work that was not only done by councillors and mayors but the people working bts at emtsc have their work thrown out the window. It also confuses me the Lewis Farms couldn’t be scaled back but this was just too much for the city...
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    Regional Transit

    I hate to push back here but I think this whole narrative of Edmonton betraying neighbouring communities and being greedy is a bit overstated. I only say this because the residents of neighbouring communities use CoE roads and services at a far greater rate than Edmontonians using neighbouring...
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    Edmonton | Valley Line LRT | ?m | ?s | City of Edmonton

    Transed now saying pier repair progress is 85% complete as of December 8th. It was 75% on the 1st so if they aren’t pulling these numbers out of their behinds they should be done repairs before the end of the month. Every cell in my body doubts that’ll be the case, but I’m wondering what comes...
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    Are there any "Fake Buildings" In Edmonton?

    This one next to McK/Bel station is pretty disguised, I couldn’t find it on satellite view for a moment cause it just looks like a regular house with a big parking pad from above.
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    Edmonton | Connect Centre | 56.3m | 16s | ONE Properties | DIALOG

    Not sure why they haven’t updated this page but I was unpleasantly surprised at 10:05 last night to learn that the Brewery city market closes at 10:00 pm now
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    Capital Line LRT

    The 6 minute frequencies begin at 2 pm, precisely when I took that picture, so no it hadn’t caught up yet, but my whole point is that it shouldn’t have to catch up. The frequency should be good the whole day through. Whether or not this was some one off convenient influx of passengers (it...
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    Capital Line LRT

    No, they now only go till Health Sciences
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    Capital Line LRT

    I'd argue that it is considering University students and staff make up a sizeable amount of ridership. It's true that University is the busiest station, but I think systems should be evaluated by how well they can handle their main hubs.
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    Edmonton | ICE District Block IJ | ?m | ?s | ICE District Prop. | Next Architecture

    Yeah of course, not to say it won't be used, it just won't be pleasant.