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  1. Toddbrummet

    Edmonton | The Quarters Hotel and Residences | 280.1m | 80s | Alldritt Land | KENNEDY

    I'm glad you didn't take that the wrong way but I am just tired of all the negativity in the world and particularly #yeg. I look at this as a legacy project for Aldritt so let's give them some time and let's git 'er dun !
  2. Toddbrummet

    I'm at the Gym

    I'm at the Gym
  3. Toddbrummet

    I'm at the gym.

    I'm at the gym.
  4. Toddbrummet

    Edmonton | Glenora Park | 81.99m | 22s | ONE Properties | Wallman Architects

    Yes it is! Seniors does not necessarily mean extended care or assisted living. It just means no one under 55 and oh ya.... no children!!!
  5. Toddbrummet

    Edmonton | Edmonton Motors Lands Redevelopment | 170.07m | 56s | Pangman | Kirkor Architects

    I would think that these are very preliminary designs. Give it time!