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    Past Vs Present

    I'd forgotten about that stone building on the right which was a dry cleaners when I used to go by there every day as a kid
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    2023-26 Edmonton Budget

    Edmonton is debating a potential 3.9% tax increase (if I understood it right). Calgary passed a 4.4% increase Vancouver is debating a 5% increase
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    Edmonton International Airport (EIA/YEG)

    The problem is, the shortest route takes you right over Russia: - it'll be a while before that's an option again
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    Edmonton International Airport (EIA/YEG)

    It'll be interesting to see how that route does. I lived in Quebec City for years, and it was hard to get there from Edmonton (for a domestic route) -- and yet, the city has never really had good air service for the size of the place.
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    New Zoning Bylaw

    The city, to its credit, has created an excellent site that explains the changes in easy-to-read language and where you can leave questions and comments.
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    Alberta Politics

    Smith could do a cheap win by funding all of Edmonton's bike plans for what she wants to spend on the Deerfoot
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    Regional Transit

    The budget is out for the EMTSC as part of their next meeting package. It shows a few interesting things: Opening day will be April 30, 2023 regional routes as presented earlier on this thread That includes a YEG express service to downtown and a peak hour route from YEG to Millwoods via...
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    Edmonton | Tower 101 | 175m | 50s | Regency Developments | DER + Associates

    Did anyone keep the façade the way the Alberta Hotel was kept?
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    Edmonton Oilers

    A friend who covers sports in Toronto says Jack Campbell is one of the hardest people on himself after a loss and the first to credit everyone else after a win. This has a plus and a minus: The minus is he probably can't shake off a bad outing as easily as other goalies On the plus side his...
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    Edmonton City Centre Mall (Renovations) | ?m | 2s | LaSalle Investment Management

    ^^ I also like the pedestrian-scale signage - I'm being a bit thick - is there a door at the corner (behind the hoarding)?
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    Edmonton Oilers

    I agree. There were maybe two shifts where I thought he did some good, but that's too few for a player of his size and supposed calibre.
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    Edmonton Real Estate Market

    The report says it is a record.
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    Misc. Parks and Greenspace Projects

    Still miss those great Motoraunt burgers and fries
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    General Infill Discussion

    I wonder why the 2026 % infill growth target is less than what was actually achieved in 2020
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    Edmonton | Valley Line LRT | ?m | ?s | City of Edmonton

    The province takes a very active role making those decisions for (with) Translink
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    Edmonton Oilers

    Looked to me on the first Nashville goal Campbell was trying to flip the puck up to the d-man who was a bit farther up, but instead of being a solid pass, it dribbled off his stick and onto the attackers. Been there many times myself 🥅
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    103 Avenue Civic Precinct Renewal

    I like the road diet. Not a world-changing alteration, but to my eyes, it looks good.
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    Edmonton | Valley Line LRT | ?m | ?s | City of Edmonton

    Could it come down to ownership and maintenance? If TransEd owns the space and is supposed to maintain it, then I could at least understand the logic of not opening the space, even if I don't agree with it.
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    Regional Transit

    I forgot that a third line is planned to YEG as part of regional transit, with the Mill Woods/Beaumont line extending to the airport during peak hours
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    Regional Transit

    30 peak and 60 off-peak if I remember correctly from the meeting. What really bothers me is you've got regional transit planning to go ahead with this AND you've got city council asking ETS about creating a route from downtown to the airport. They're not at cross-purposes, but they certainly...