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    Edmonton City Centre Mall (Renovations) | ?m | 2s | LaSalle Investment Management

    The bus stop has been closed for over a month. Majority are not waiting for the bus.
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    Warehouse District Park

    I would think that safety and vibrancy come from more intense uses. More intense uses would be active uses that are not as easily deterred by the atmosphere of a place - I.e., organized sports. We do not need another dog park/playground that is eventually abandoned by the majority because the...
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    Downtown Crime

    There are a lot of people that have been working behind the scenes on this over the past year. The good news is that it is starting to gain traction. Key to the success is information sharing and statistic tracking between downtown stakeholders.
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    Edmonton | The Jameson | 53.95m | 17s | Open Sky | Acton Ostry

    Cantiro bought the West Block Glenora site as well I think.
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    Edmonton | Oliver Exchange | ?m | 2s | Beljan Development | Hodgson Schilf Evans

    You can see the courtyard starting to take shape. Another unique, special place for Oliver and Edmonton. Excited to see the tenant list.
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    Cycling and Active Transportation in Edmonton

    The bike ride from Oliver to folk fest everyday was great, especially going down the big hill in riverdale. At night, the funicular was running past usual operating hours, with a city of Edmonton attendant on board. Felt safer, especially with all the folkers around. Also, riding along 102 Ave I...
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    Cycling and Active Transportation in Edmonton

    another photo from the folk fest bike park.
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    The old bank
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    Edmonton City Centre Mall (Renovations) | ?m | 2s | LaSalle Investment Management

    There is an active hive already on the roof of the retail. I have a jar of honey that was produced last year
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    Edmonton | Connect Centre | 56.3m | 16s | ONE Properties | DIALOG

    Whether the bylaws are enforced is another story. I saw HSBC recently put up a large graphic along 101 street. I believe it goes against zoning. Who do we gotta call?
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    High Level Bridge Streetcar / ERRS

    That is great to hear!
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    I was out and about between downtown and Whyte this weekend. Definitely a buzz created from garth, pride, bomfest, national cycling, street markets, etc. It's been a long time since I have noticed that many tourists in our city. Walking downtown last night around midnight, the vibe was good and...
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    High Level Bridge Streetcar / ERRS

    Dang wish I saw this earlier. Missed the streetcar this morning due to modified schedule. There were others in the same boat as the website does not have the modified schedule. I hope the isolator issue can be resolved relatively soon.
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    I also recently moved from my owned house to a rental in Oliver. I live off of the 102 Ave bike lane and find the neighbourhood to be quite vibrant most days. It helps that its summer and I live next to a great park for families and young adults alike.
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    Canada Soccer

    My circle of friends has been circulating emails asking questions of the provincial government and their support for major events in Edmonton
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    Canada Soccer

    Are you apart of that voyagers group? Perhaps we can reach out to them to support our bid which has always been supported by fans and the city, despite our provincial governments delay.
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    Canada Soccer

    I've sent an email voicing my concern. Thanks for sharing!
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    Edmonton | The Kerk | 16m | 3s

    I like the potential integration with church street, little Italy and Tony's- fits well
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    Very cool. I am assuming this is somewhere in North Central Edmonton? Are you able to share the approximate cost and timeline to develop something like this?
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    General Infill Discussion

    Developers out of vancouver and Toronto are often amazed at how quickly entitlements can be gained in Edmonton. In my dealings with the client liaison unit, they have always been very helpful in answering questions and maneuvering through the City's numerous departments.