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    Edmonton | Connect Centre | 56.3m | 16s | ONE Properties | DIALOG

    Where exactly is the rooftop patio/amenities going?
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    Edmonton | Connect Centre | 56.3m | 16s | ONE Properties | DIALOG

    Not to rain on any parade, but do these stores typically have a unique offering for team gear that cannot be purchased online? Is there a price advantage to the consumer? I am just curious (as someone who wouldn't be a buyer either way) what motivates a consumer to go down to the Oilers store...
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    Boardwalk-Revillon Revitalization | ?m | 6s | Allied Properties REIT | DIALOG

    But what about those who live, work, play?
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    Edmonton | Tower 101 | 175m | 50s | Regency Developments | DER + Associates

    I believe not being able to transact on their 121 Street building is playing a part. With the interest rate changes, they probably need to put a bunch of equity back in their project, which may be paralyzing their free cash to use on other projects.
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    Edmonton | Royal Glenora Club Redevelopment | ?m | 2s | Royal Glenora Club | Arc Studio

    Does anyone know if there is still some more exterior work to be completed to tie-in the retained portion of the building with the new expansion? Some more painting like the SE elevation of the building?
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    Edmonton City Centre Mall (Renovations) | ?m | 2s | LaSalle Investment Management

    So if you are in your 30's it is a $1000 membership + $1600 annually + $500 annual minimum spend.... All to get access to a restaurant (that may or may not be good) and some boardrooms. I'm not sure who exactly is the market is here, but perhaps someone can provide some insight?
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    Edmonton | Boyle Street Community Services | ?m | 2s

    I mean you really gotta give credit to Katz, or whomever is running his organization, on this one. He writes the cheque without using a penny of his own money, gets all the philanthropy love, and then shifts the problems associated with a vulnerable population to another community so that all...
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    Edmonton | Substation #600 | ?m | 3s | Beljan Development | Hodgson Schilf Evans

    I believe both are opening up very shortly. On their social media pages they mentioned they are having trouble/delays with final inspections. @powerage124 is the basement bar. @thegrizzlar is the main floor coffee.
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    Edmonton | Stationlands Residential Towers | 90m | 25s | Qualico | DIALOG

    That would be a cool move for Anne. Bring forward a motion to kill the funding on a project out of nowhere, have your entire council turn their back on you, and then show up for the photo-op to be the champion of development of downtown!
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    Edmonton | Connect Centre | 56.3m | 16s | ONE Properties | DIALOG

    As cool as the images were this year during playoff games, should be even better next year when you can add people to the 2nd floor patio on the Stantec Tower Food Court and rooftop Brewhouse adding different "levels" of people watching the game on the big screen
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    Edmonton | Manchester Square | ?m | 2s | 76 Group Co | Gardner Architecture

    I have to imagine they are pretty happy where they are based on the amount of revenue they bring in, compared to the below market rent they pay in that Class-D building
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    Edmonton | Manchester Square | ?m | 2s | 76 Group Co | Gardner Architecture

    Sign in the window says "Das Brezel Haus"...looks like an existing concept from the GTA -
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    Edmonton | Strathearn Heights Redevelopment | 81m | ?s | Nearctic Group | GEC

    #1 Fair enough #2 Seriously? Do you know what kind of lease rates you need to charge to be able to support the cost of new construction, regardless of the location and land price? #3 So in order for a developer to do a new project, they should be expected to purchase another adjacent site...
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    Edmonton | Connect Centre | 56.3m | 16s | ONE Properties | DIALOG

    Not sure where this reporter got his info, but the owner is my cousin and after texting him his response was "May? Maybe May 2023". Plan is still to go in the Stantec food court, but as the previous poster showed, they still haven't handed over the space.
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    Edmonton | Connect Centre | 56.3m | 16s | ONE Properties | DIALOG

    Nice warmup for (hopefully) a playoff run.
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    Town of Jasper Updates

    Fantastic news. Jasper so badly needs a new hotel option. There is a time/place for the charm of Tonquin Inn...but it ain't every time.
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    Edmonton | Stantec Tower | 250.84m | 66s | ICE District Prop. | Stantec

    My cousin signed a lease over 2 years ago to bring three different food offerings to the Stantec food court. Needless to say, they were not told they would be waiting this long for spaces to be turned over to them, and it has been a huge bummer.
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    10126-122 Street - 6s - Next Architecture

    Sounds about right. Which is why it doesn't seem like there is much of a market for it these days in Edmonton when you can get a quality single-family house in Westmount for the same or cheaper. It works in Toronto where a townhouse is $1M, a duplex is $1.5M, and a single is $2.5M.
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    Edmonton | Stadium Yards | ?m | 6s | Rohit Communities | NORR

    4th (and final) site is now sold to a group out of Toronto looking to do a high-rise tower. Only parcel of the development that wasn't picked up by ROHIT.