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  1. Daveography

    Beaumont Real Estate
  2. Daveography

    Duggan Bridge Replacement Duggan Bridge Replacement Project Project will replace the aging Duggan Bridge in Edmonton, along Saskatchewan Drive between 106 Street and 107 Street. A shared use path will be built on the north and south side of the...
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    Southeast Neighbourhoods
  4. Daveography

    Edmonton | 10028 - 142 STREET NW | ?m | 4s

    Don't know much about this one, other than that it was rezoned to RA7 in November 2019. Reference ID: Job No 384512255-002 Description: Construction of (a) new building(s), Demolition Location: 10028 - 142 STREET NW Plan 4590W Blk 140 Lot 1 Applicant: HODGSON SCHILF EVANS ARCHITECTS...
  5. Daveography

    Urban Reserves Edmonton takes first step in establishing urban reserve.
  6. Daveography

    Wellington Bridge Replacement
  7. Daveography

    Stoneriver Woodcroft | 16m | 4s

    13512 and 13530 - 115 Avenue NW RF1/RF3 to RA7 rezoning near Westmount and Coronation Park
  8. Daveography

    Edge at Larch Park | 23m | 6s | Carrington Group | Rootstock Architecture
  9. Daveography

    Minecraft Edmonton
  10. Daveography

    West Ritchie
  11. Daveography

    Myer Horowitz Theatre Renovation | ?m | ?s | University of Alberta
  12. Daveography

    Edmonton | Strathcona Gateway | 23m | 6s
  13. Daveography

    Edmonton | Riverviww Crossing Residences | ?m | 6s

    New residential going up on the east parking lot of Abbottsfield Mall, which is apparently now named Riverview Crossing. Description: To construct UNDERGROUND PARKADE ONLY for two future apartment buildings - Riverview Crossing Residences. Permit date: November 13, 2020 Type: Building Permit...
  14. Daveography

    Edmonton | Concordia University Academic Building | ?m | 3s | CUE | Manasc Isaac
  15. Daveography

    Gateway Boulevard Reconstruction and Rehabilitation | ?m | ?s | City of Edmonton

    Rehabilitation (University Avenue to 80 Avenue) and reconstruction (80 Avenue to 82 Avenue) of Gateway Boulevard is planned for 2022. Key Highlights: Proposed new sidewalk on the east side of the road between 80 Avenue and 82 Avenue Proposed curb extensions at 82 Avenue intersection and 81...
  16. Daveography

    Edmonton Research Park

    The City of Edmonton will be assuming ownership of the Edmonton Research Park from EEDC, now that EEDC's mandate has been refocused on conferences and tourism...
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    Edmonton | T5M Connect | ?m | 2s
  18. Daveography

    Edmonton | Dhaliwal 83 | ?m | 6s | Gardner Architecture

    I don't know what this project is, but that's not a good review.
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    Misc. Infrastructure Projects
  20. Daveography

    Edmonton and the Hydrogen Economy

    Interesting... Date of meeting: August 24, 2020 Organization: Transition Accelerator Lobbying on behalf of: Who was met with: Chief of Staff Subject of meeting: Hydrogen infrastrucutre Date of meeting: August 20, 2020 Organization: Transition Accelerator Lobbying on behalf of: Who was met...