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  1. Daveography

    Edmonton | Valley Line LRT | ?m | ?s | City of Edmonton

    Some bonus exterior shots, also from last summer: And here's the answers from the Q&A: 1. What kind of information boards can we expect to see on the LRVs and at the stops? Will they be simple matrix boards (like on the Capital and Metro Line trains), or LCD display screens? What kind of...
  2. Daveography

    Edmonton | Valley Line LRT | ?m | ?s | City of Edmonton

    Hey all, Sorry I've been away a while. Between work and other life stuff, I just haven't had as much time or energy to devote to SkyriseEdmonton. Hoping things will smooth out over the next while... In any case, here's the big update from TransEd that was promised a while back! Sorry it took...
  3. Daveography

    Edmonton | Prairie Sky Gondola | 76.2m | ?s | Prairie Sky | DIALOG

    Soon. I haven't had time to give your posts on the subject a proper read yet, but I'll reorganize posts when I do.
  4. Daveography

    Edmonton International Airport (EIA/YEG)
  5. Daveography

    Edmonton | Stadium Yards | ?m | 6s | Rohit Communities | NORR
  6. Daveography

    Edmonton | Prairie Sky Gondola | 76.2m | ?s | Prairie Sky | DIALOG

    I'm sure people living along 76 Ave would be thrilled having their street turned into a thoroughfare...
  7. Daveography

    Cycling and Active Transportation in Edmonton

    This one is kind of important to me considering my hit-and-run a few years ago was the result of someone passing me unsafely. I know a bylaw alone won't necessarily stop aggressive and impatient drivers, but having it enshrined in law will help safe drivers to remember it, while giving law...
  8. Daveography

    Edmonton | Encore Tower | 138m | 43s | Westrich Pacific | Dub Architects
  9. Daveography

    Edmonton | Manchester Square | ?m | 2s | 76 Group Co | Gardner Architecture

    Reference ID: Job No 386021865-002 Description: To change the use of a Warehouse Sales to a General Retail Store, and construct interior alterations (Carbon Boutique). Location: 12016 - 107 AVENUE NW Plan 9223242 Blk 20 Lot 1 Applicant: APEX CONTRACTING (2003) INC Status: Intake -...
  10. Daveography

    Edmonton | ICE District Block IJ | ?m | ?s | ICE District Prop. | Next Architecture

    Description: To construct and operate a Public Park (outdoor fenced dog park) on the southwest portion of the Site for up to 5 years. Permit date: February 10, 2021 Type: Development Permit Subtype: Major Development Permit Category: N/A Class: Class B Status: Approved Address: 10104 - 104...
  11. Daveography

    Edmonton | Falcon Towers | 170m | 44s | Langham Developments | Arc Studio

    Description: To construct interior / exterior alterations (reducing the # of Storeys from 38 to 29, reducing the # of Dwellings from 304 to 240, and reducing the # of underground parking levels from 7 to 5) to an Apartment House / General Retail Store building (Falcon Tower One) Permit date...
  12. Daveography


    Description: To construct Interior Alteration - Quesada Burritos & Tacos Permit date: February 8, 2021 Type: Building Permit Subtype: (03) Interior Alterations Category: Commercial Final Class: Restaurants and Bars (540) Status: Issued Address: 10834 - JASPER AVENUE NW Neighbourhood: DOWNTOWN...
  13. Daveography


    No, it's bad.
  14. Daveography

    Edmonton Real Estate Market
  15. Daveography

    Edmonton | Concordia University Academic Building | ?m | 3s | CUE | Manasc Isaac

    @mcr Thanks and welcome to the Forum!
  16. Daveography

    LRT Expansion Planning

    Pretty sure it is the crossing, due to limited sightlines and change in brightness for the drivers.
  17. Daveography

    Beaumont Real Estate
  18. Daveography

    Edmonton | Concordia University Academic Building | ?m | 3s | CUE | Manasc Isaac

    U of A and its campuses are all AJ (Alternate Jurisdiction IIRC). Norquest is UW (Urban Warehouse). The hospitals I looked at are all US (Urban Services). This is a fun game. 😁