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  1. CplKlinger

    New Land Use Bylaw — Fort Saskatchewan

    Similar to what Edmonton is currently doing, Fort Saskatchewan is in the early stages of drafting a new Land Use Bylaw. It is meant to compliment their new Municipal Development Plan (you can access the full document here), which identifies a need to fill the missing middle, have more...
  2. CplKlinger

    FC Edmonton - CPL

  3. CplKlinger

    Edmonton Stingers - CEBL

    Edmonton Stingers earn crucial win over Cangrejeros in Calgary at Basketball Champions League Americas
  4. CplKlinger

    Edmonton | Dhaliwal 83 Apartments | ?m | 6s

    Major Development Permit Reference Id: Job No 372600869-002 Description: To construct a 45 Dwelling Multi-unit Housing building with underground parkade, and to demolish 3 existing Single Detached Houses and detached garages. Location: 10019 - 83 AVENUE NW Plan I Blk 70 Lot 21...
  5. CplKlinger

  6. CplKlinger

    Database Update Thread

    Hey everyone! It's been a long time coming, and required a lot of work on the back end for Edward Skira (the CEO of Skyrise Cities), but the database editor is finally fixed and I am able to make changes and additions! Given how long it's been since we had someone maintaining the database, I...
  7. CplKlinger

    2022 Budget Deliberations

    There might as well be a thread for this topic since there will be a lot to unpack by the time the amendments to the current budget are decided. Hold the line on taxes, 4 in 10 Edmonton residents tell city in online survey
  8. CplKlinger

    Alberta, Ottawa ink $3.8 billion childcare deal to lower cost to average of $10-a-day, create 40,000 new spaces

    This will be such a boon for our post-pandemic recovery, and getting more parents/guardians into the workforce. I got some information from someone who knows the insider details but wishes to remain anonymous. Before 2026: "Incomes lower than 120k will be getting significant subsidy, and...
  9. CplKlinger

    Sidewalk Repairs and Accessibility Issues (A. Knack)

    Here's an interesting report being presented at today's Community and Public Services Committee meeting (PDF warning). Sidewalk Repairs and Accessibility Issues (A. Knack) You can find the attachments here.
  10. CplKlinger

    Fort Saskatchewan downtown gets $282,000 boost with Downtown Action Plan
  11. CplKlinger

    A collection of historic LRT documents/articles

    Here are some interesting administration reports about ETS Blue. The first is an overview of the pilot from 2007, before it commenced. The second is a summary of the results which was published in 2009. This comment and this comment on the Canadian Public Transit Discussion Board forum are...
  12. CplKlinger

    Montreal? Wrong. It's Edmonton

    I found this on Reddit. It is a very fascinating read from 1968. There's so much hope and excitement!
  13. CplKlinger

    Edmonton moved to protect public trees with new bylaw
  14. CplKlinger

    Edmonton | Cambrian Crossing | ?m | ?s

    I saw a billboard for this while driving by the site the other day. It looks like Sherwood Park is expanding towards the Bremner development, and Cambrian Crossing will serve as a transition between the two. It looks like a suburban sprawl-style community which is typical of Sherwood Park, and...
  15. CplKlinger

    Edmonton Bus Network Redesign

    What do you folks think of the bus network redesign that was rolled out today?
  16. CplKlinger

    2021 Federal Budget

    Highlights Full budget (with a keyword search)
  17. CplKlinger

    Mobility Lanes and Shared Streets

    Edmonton is rolling out mobility lanes and shared streets again this summer; they'll be opened once the pertinent streets/avenues are swept. Whyte Ave doesn't appear on the list of affected streets, which surprises me a bit. I saw pylons and curb ramps being unloaded last week, I assumed that...
  18. CplKlinger

    Councillors approve energy plan that puts Edmonton on the road to a net-zero future

    "Council's executive committee agreed Monday that council as a whole should approve the Community Energy Transition Strategy at a meeting next week. The plan aligns with goals of the Paris Agreement, which aims to limit greenhouse gas emissions in an effort to keep the global temperature...
  19. CplKlinger

    Edmonton | Muriel Ross Abdurahman Court | ?m | 4s | Carlson Construction | Voschell Architecture and Design | ?m | 4s

    Hopefully it's ok to have this in its own thread; it's just so unique. The Heartland Housing Association, which manages affordable housing projects in the region, is beginning work on a 4-story apartment complex in Fort Saskatchewan. Design work began in late 2019. The site is all fenced off...
  20. CplKlinger

    Is anyone here a member of the Canadian Public Transit Discussion Board?

    If you haven't heard of it, the CPTDB is basically the transit equivalent of this website. I've been trying to join for months, but it doesn't seem like the admins are approving new accounts, nor are they responding to emails. Does anyone know what's going on there, and why new accounts don't...