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    Houselessness in the Edmonton Metropolitan Region

    Ok maybe some of my words too faisty. I just noticed some comments right away catching on "up north" as a racist thing even though I didn't have anything on my mind. I even didn't grow up in Canada. So I don't know some things but on the other hand I don't feel handicapped by all sensitivities...
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    Houselessness in the Edmonton Metropolitan Region

    The part that vilifies my comment is based on assumption that somehow I don't want to help homeless people or that I don't care. Yes, it is different approach but it doesn't give you the right to silence it. First, whatever city says is working actually, it doesn't feel like that. I have been...
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    Houselessness in the Edmonton Metropolitan Region

    I would solve this degeneration issue in a month. Gov should use crown land up north, build a center with all amenities, healing, treating, mental and medical help. After initial detox or screening and understanding underlying issue of being in that situation, the person would be free to leave...
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    Edmonton | Blue Chicago Redevelopment | ?m | 29s | Alldritt Land | KENNEDY

    I drive by this site daily. Few weeks ago I saw a small truck with a drilling equipment attached. I guess they were taking soil samples. So maybe it is going to move forward sooner than most think. PS: I prefer white fence and green lawn to any other empty lot.
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    Blatchford Development | City of Edmonton

    Must be a farmer who designed whatever this is. You would need just a slightest bit of imagination to disguise those as let say bee hive or anything that fits a colorful playground next to it.. no wonder the library looks similar;)
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    Blatchford Development | City of Edmonton

    Most lots in front of those buildings are sold.
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    Edmonton | Falcon Towers | 170m | 44s | Langham Developments | Arc Studio

    When you stand on the edge, the pit seems really deep. I kinda like the location, street seems quiet yet central at the same time.
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    Edmonton | Aurora Project (Telus World of Science Expansion) | ?m | ?s | TWOSE | DIALOG

    Today. Seems to me a little bit simplified version compared to drawings. There is a large lot of land north of the center up to grass bowling club. Could be built up in the future if some new ideas would come out 🙂
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    Edmonton | Coronation Community Recreation Centre | ?m | ?s | City of Edmonton | Dub Architects

    Tbh, I'm a little bit upset they have occupied 8 tennis courts I enjoyed very much. Anyone knows if they are going to re-open after construction is completed? At this point they're storing materials on them. I looked on Google earth and didn't find another place in the city with 8 public courts..
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    Legislature Annex

    Forgot to post. From the middle of February 🙈
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    Edmonton | Connect Centre | 56.3m | 16s | ONE Properties | DIALOG

    I would much more prefer a slim taller tower than wide smaller one. Given the continental climate it gets much colder as soon as sunlight is obstructed. If you imagine people would want to hang around in the evening in a dark cold plaza and have a drink outside I envy your optimism. Except on...
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    Edmonton | The Parks | 146.91m | 45s | Pangman | Hariri Pontarini

    I never had a problem to understand what Ian is saying even if English is not my mother tongue 😜 but I'm not surprised some might have hard time to understand him in a city where someone build a greenhouse (?) In front of the legislative building 😉
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    Edmonton | Glenora Park | 81.99m | 22s | ONE Properties | Wallman Architects

    From the Government's house side
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    Edmonton | Oliver Crossing | 21m | 7s

    From a distance
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    Edmonton | J123 | 99.06m | 30s | Streamliner | DIALOG

    As an immigrant myself, I do understand both sides. Given international situation, people will be coming to Canada for many years to come. And some will trickle to Edmonton because of how affordable it is compared to other Canadian cities. But there is a work that needs to be done. It lacks...
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    Edmonton | Falcon Towers | 170m | 44s | Langham Developments | Arc Studio

    Ok so my five cents. I came to Edmonton in 2013 from Europe and brought my family a year later. We were renting a bungalow near Westmount shopping center at the beginning and we really like the area so much as to buy here instead of new house on the outskirts of the city. But.. even we are 7 to...