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  1. Airboy

    Municipal Politics

    So Iveson is not going to run next year. (Early morning twitter)
  2. Airboy

    Provincial Cabinet Shuffle (August 25, 2020)

    Heard there is a cabinet change coming this week some time.
  3. Airboy

    Passing of a music icon

    So with the passing of Ken Chin (Chi Pig) SNFU last week there is a small but growing movement to develop a mural to Ken. S.N.F.U.'s Chi Pig to be honored with a mural, fundraising in progress One of the locations suggested was the side of the MacKenzie building. The location is significant...
  4. Airboy

    General Merchant Restoration and Expansion | ?m | 1s | Curiosity Inc.

    Small restoration project I have been watching the last few years. This was once a residence as well. 127st and 109 ave.