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    11024 - 82 Avenue NW - rezoning - 75m

    Rezoning for this is going to Council April 5th, with Administration support.
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    The chef behind Die Pie is now at the Fifth Street Food Hall concept under the new name Seitan's. Mercifully the pies have made it onto the new menu as well.
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    Misc. Parks and Greenspace Projects

    My absolute dream scenario is for the city to buy out the Mayfair lease and take it over as a public course, and then remove and replace Victoria with park space with basically all of the uses @Gronk! mentions above. The city keeps/upgrades a central public course, maintains all the Mayfair...
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    Edmonton | CX | 57.91m | 21s | Beaverbrook | GEC

    Cantiro's website notes that this project has been sold to Hazelview Properties.
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    Edmonton | Stantec Tower | 250.84m | 66s | ICE District Prop. | Stantec

    Yikes, no way those reserve fund contributions stay that low over time either. I suspect a large hike is still in their future.
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    Edmonton | Footprint Development | ?m | 6s | Landmark Homes | Next Architecture

    This one is up on the Engaged Edmonton page with a new sneak peak visual:
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    Municipal Politics

    Sohi released his list over a week ago - I believe he was the first of the mayoral candidates to do so (at least of the major ones). His disclosure does include dollar amounts, though they are lumped into larger groupings, rather than down to the exact dollar. I have a hard time seeing how that...
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    Municipal Politics

    Some new polling showing a fairly tight mayoral race and some highly relevant information for the O-day'min Council race. Anybody but Caterina!
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    Municipal Politics

    Oshry and Krushell both responded in favor of pausing LRT expansion in the Taproot survey as well - Watson actually responded in favor of keeping the current expansion plan in the survey, before this little double-take. It's an absolute deal breaker for me on all three counts.
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    Municipal Politics

    Honestly, it's not my place at all to tell you who to vote for, but I'm not sure this paper is making the strongest argument here. They cite an estimated 50% increase in policing efforts/costs for a 15% reduction in crime in the targeted area and approximately 6% city-wide, and those reductions...
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    Edmonton | Metro 78 | 23m | 6s | Pinto Properties | Frank Hilbich

    I didn't really read any problematic ageist rhetoric into the post. It is well documented that typical 'community engagement' processes consistently over-represent older, whiter, and wealthier resident interests relative to actual community demographics. This was backed up by a legitimate piece...
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    Edmonton | Metro 78 | 23m | 6s | Pinto Properties | Frank Hilbich

    Just re-upping this - unfortunately the Engaged Edmonton page is not going so great on this one. I would encourage everyone to put in a good work to balance the viewpoints a bit. As @IanO mentioned, this closes on September 6th.
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    Edmonton | Blue Chicago Redevelopment | ?m | 29s | Alldritt Land | KENNEDY

    I wasn't able to grab a photo as I zipped by, but it brings me no joy to report that Aldritt has littered this site with campaign signs for M**e N***el (as well as their site just off of 124th St). Never thought I'd be saying this, but those Regency sites are starting to look pretty good in...
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    Edmonton | The Mercury Block | 21.7m | 6s

    The rezoning for this project is going to Council on Aug 31. Administration is supporting. Interestingly they are requesting a standard CB3 zone for this, which allows for way more height than the building actually being proposed.
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    Edmonton | The Clifton | 55m | 15s

    The Urban Design Brief included on the Engaged Edmonton page does refer to the photos in @IanO's first post as 'renderings' for what it's worth (hence my use of the term). The elevation/massing model I included showed the specificity of proposed materials, which is what I wanted to highlight...
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    Edmonton | The Clifton | 55m | 15s

    I'd be somewhat surprised by the rezone and flip scenario. The rezoning doesn't actually ask for any additional height, units or FAR - it's just to change the building orientation, form, and design from the current DC2. The urban design brief notes the renders and figures were supplied by Edgar...
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    Edmonton | The View | 76m | 23s | Westrich Pacific | Chris Dikeakos

    That's pretty much exactly it - I can't remember the specific timelines but I want to say they started construction about 7-8 years ago(?) I don't know any of the specifics around it, but always just assumed the building owner decided they might as well live there and started building their...
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    Edmonton | Horne and Pitfield Building Redevelopment | ?m | ?s | Limak Investments

    This is up on the city's Engaged Edmonton site now: - I guess it's to be named La Reina Tower. There are some more details available through the urban design brief: Link I certainly share a general sense of skepticism on this one.
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    Edmonton Companies News & Discussion

    Interesting new tool from Harvard's Growth Lab called Metroverse. It provides some useful information, global comparators, and (most importantly) opportunity areas for Edmonton sector development. The data here pretty clearly...
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    Edmonton | Iron Horse Line / Station Park | ?m | 6s | Beljan Development | Hodgson Schilf Evans

    This one is going to Council on June 8th. Administration is supporting it - glad Beljan could work through the various heritage and transportation wrinkles associated with this challenging site. Really looking forward to seeing this project proceed.