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  1. _urbanite

    LRT Safety

    Transit funding absolutely should be used to install fare gates. It's 2022, and the fact we still have a honour system in a city of close to a million is a joke (probably over a million now). Our LRT system should'nt be a homeless shelter, and we need to stop this nonsense that it's cruel or...
  2. _urbanite

    12021 Jasper Avenue - high-rise - proposed

    Window replacement about 40% done. They still got the North and East sides to do plus the middle section on the West side (see below)
  3. _urbanite

    2021/22 Edmonton Oilers

    I'm glad I was wrong then 😅
  4. _urbanite

    Edmonton | Tower 101 | 175m | 50s | Regency Developments | DER + Associates

    Oh yeah, this one too 😑
  5. _urbanite

    2021/22 Edmonton Oilers

    They really should just rename the plaza Joey Moss Plaza already, instead what they probably want do and name it after a bank or something. Put up a statue of Moss right next to Gretzky's As for tonight's game, I'm thinking this one will go to OT, I think the teams will play very tight. 3-2...
  6. _urbanite

    Edmonton | Tower 101 | 175m | 50s | Regency Developments | DER + Associates

    Just another reminder about how much Regency cares about the communities they develop in. These pictures are from today. Tadpoles starting to grow in the swamp now
  7. _urbanite

    Edmonton | Tower 101 | 175m | 50s | Regency Developments | DER + Associates

    Can't say I'm excited to see this
  8. _urbanite

    Edmonton | St. John's School Redevelopment | 22.86m | 6s | Abbey Lane Homes

    Sooo...many...cranes in this neighborhood (one more forthcoming, Open Sky)
  9. _urbanite

    Edmonton | The View | 76m | 23s | Westrich Pacific | Chris Dikeakos

    Edmonton could be headed toward housing supply shortage, real estate industry leaders warn Based on this article, we should see a rebound in the condo market. Not all immigrants will be in a position to buy SFH's, so at some point new condo demand will increase, especially if new SFH prices...
  10. _urbanite

    2021/22 Edmonton Oilers

    8-6 with 2 mins 41 seconds left. The fact we came back from 6-2 to tie this game is a positive. Too bad Smith didn't show up at the beginning
  11. _urbanite

    Downtown Crime

    I guess it's ok to see downtown is now be prioritized again (we'll see how this lasts), but unfortunately for us it's too little too late, we're officially leaving downtown June 1st, going to the 'burbs in the meantime, then leaving the city entirely by the end of July. We might come back in a...
  12. _urbanite

    Edmonton Skyline

  13. _urbanite


    It would look pretty good with clear glazing like Enbridge Place Centre IMO
  14. _urbanite

    Warehouse District Park

    Just thinking about the ornamental water feature in option 2. The city already has successfully implemented a great water feature in Paul Kane Park, which is my favorite part about living in the "West Village". On most days in the summer you'll see people sprawled out on the hills surrounding...
  15. _urbanite

    Edmonton | Jasper and 115 Street | 170m | 52s | Greenlong | ACAI

    Yes. It wasn't there a few days ago
  16. _urbanite

    Downtown Crime

    ^ from the news story "When we were staying at the Spectrum there was this dead body that was in there for two f------ months that we were smelling" "“it did look like they were there for some time.” The medical examiner later determined the body had been there for three weeks" I'm...
  17. _urbanite

    Warehouse District Park

    I voted for option #2 and suggested they look at Berczy Park in Toronto for inspiration for the ornamental water feature