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  1. JuliallThat

    LRT Safety

    Nice! I'll be curious to see what stations get gates.
  2. JuliallThat

    LRT Safety

    Has ETS ever spoken seriously about faregates? I know a lot of people suggest it but it doesn't seem like it's even on the table as an option.
  3. JuliallThat

    Misc. Parks and Greenspace Projects

    Brand new sidewalks and paths never look right until they're aged in a few years anyways. They're just speeding up the process!
  4. JuliallThat

    Edmonton | Stadium Yards | ?m | 6s | Rohit Communities | NORR

    I am super excited for more development around Stadium station
  5. JuliallThat

    Edmonton International Airport (EIA/YEG)

    I have a flight booked with Flair at the end of May, they better not get shut down! lmao
  6. JuliallThat

    Alberta Major Projects

    Phase 1? That implies there's a phase 2.... I was wondering what they were plotting for the remainder of the lots that aren't being used for this building but they're currently staging on, so I guess that sort of answers it. 🤔
  7. JuliallThat

    Blatchford Development | City of Edmonton

    I hate those houses too, but I've been thinking lately. Should we start allowing small commercial uses in residential areas (as the zoning renewal may allow) then those sorts of front-loading houses are perfect for conversion into small Shop fronts. Just a thought ~
  8. JuliallThat

    Edmonton | Stadium Plaza | 23m | 6s | Capitaland | SPAN Architecture

    Snapped a couple pics today
  9. JuliallThat

    Edmonton | Stadium Plaza | 23m | 6s | Capitaland | SPAN Architecture

    I didn't get a picture, but this one is moving again! It's been pretty quiet all winter. When I drove by yesterday steel framing was going up on the main floor.
  10. JuliallThat

    New Zoning Bylaw

    I actually spoke out at the committee yesterday, and expressed my concerns about RS1, and also about the limitations on ACUs [Accessory commercial units] under RS2. Not all of council was there, but I did manage to get both Ashley Salvador and Aaron Paquette to question the renewal team on their...
  11. JuliallThat

    Alberta Avenue (118 Ave)

    I had to yell a guy out of my backyard at 3am a month and a half ago which was something not fun. I feel like I'm seeing more troublesome people around but it's hard to gauge year over year since I don't really keep tabs.
  12. JuliallThat


    That there is the kind of small lot development we need! More of this!!
  13. JuliallThat

    McDougall Hill Pedestrian Bridge

    The images in the actual survey don't seem to have the chainlink fencing. I wonder why their renders aren't consistent, seems like a big oversight.
  14. JuliallThat

    McDougall Hill Pedestrian Bridge

    These concepts look great! It's really cool to see a progression of plans and developments for this node, it's such a great spot. If only the walk from Churchill didn't feel so hostile. I really appreciate that the bridge designs have a clearly separated cycling lane - I was worried if it...
  15. JuliallThat

    New Zoning Bylaw

    At a glance, I don't like that RS1 exists as they've described it, and I'm worried it will end up overused thus neutralizing half the benefit of this whole endeavor. RS2 should be the floor (at minimum). But on RS2 I don't like "small businesses in specified locations". It's better than nothing...
  16. JuliallThat

    Neighbourhood Renewal

    That's a fantastic write up. I think about this all the time, but especially on relatively quiet "arterials" in my area like 86 St south of Fort Rd, or 111/112 Ave through Norwood up to Borden Park. There's so much potential in these spaces, and the traffic volumes really aren't even very high...
  17. JuliallThat


    I'd be happy just to see more shameless plain-ness, tbh. Better just be plain and bland than whatever this is. (happy for any kind of development in this area, still)
  18. JuliallThat

    Edmonton | Stadium Yards | ?m | 6s | Rohit Communities | NORR

    That's too bad - the phase 3 lot is so big and prominent I was really hoping it wouldn't wait too long.
  19. JuliallThat

    Yellowhead Trail Upgrades

    What are the two birds, in this case? I can't imagine them running an LRT up 89 St lol.