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  1. cpnfantstk

    Skyscraper Museum in NYC: Virtual Exhibitions available to view until their October 2020 reopening.

    Here are several links to what the Skyscraper Museum website offers. Since they are located in New York, that's their primary focus. However, they deal with global structures as well. The site is top notch. I'd recommend viewing SuperTall 2020 first since that one is only temporarily available...
  2. cpnfantstk

    COVID 19 Impact on Developments & Real Estate, etc. in YEG

    I first want to wish all members and their families good health and well being during this difficult time. This thread is to keep track of the COVID19 virus impact of: 1) Proposed developments.. delays or cancellations of projects. 2) Real Estate price trends both commercial and residential. 3)...