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  1. Avenuer

    Edmonton | Oliver Crossing | 21m | 7s

    On the site of Louisiana Purchase, Prive and Urban Timber:
  2. Avenuer

    Edmonton | 112 St. & 84 Ave. Garneau Tower | 46m | 14s

    240 Units with CRUs at grade and 3 levels of UG parking:
  3. Avenuer

    Edmonton | Horne and Pitfield Building Redevelopment | ?m | ?s | Limak Investments

    Limak Investments is planning a residential tower on the site of the Horne and Pitfield Building (not municipally protected) at 10301 104 Street and the adjacent parking lot to the north. I am not sure what the plan is with the Horne and Pitfield Building, but it would make a great tower podium.
  4. Avenuer

    Edmonton | Iron Horse Line / Station Park | ?m | 6s | Beljan Development | Hodgson Schilf Evans

    Beljan has a very cool proposal for the lots north and south of the historic CPR Station on Gateway Boulevard:
  5. Avenuer

    Edmonton | 99 Street & 80 Avenue | ?m | 14s

    Tower and mid-rise apartment proposal at SWC of 80 Avenue and 99 Street:
  6. Avenuer

    Edmonton | Ritchie Mill Addition | ?m | 4s

    Proposed expansion of Ritchie Mill:
  7. Avenuer

    10325 Saskatchewan Drive | ?m | 14s

    There is a 14 storey residential DC2 rezoning planned for 10325 Saskatchewan Drive NW, in the pre-application stage now.
  8. Avenuer

    Italian Bakery | ?m | 2s | Riddell Kurczaba

    The Italian Bakery building in Chinatown is getting demolished and rebuilt. It will have more front-end seating and a cafe, much like the Italian Centre. The building design looks good (for a bakery) and will help breathe some new life into Chinatown.
  9. Avenuer

    Edmonton | 10004 113 Street | ?m | 7s | CA of Edmonton | Hastings Ilagan

    This is a mixed-use proposal (commercial office space and residential apartments) on the parking lot south of St. Joseph's Basilica on 113 Street, north of 100 Avenue.
  10. Avenuer

    Edmonton | Open Sky 121st Street Project | 53.95m | 17s | Open Sky | Acton Ostry

    Not sure if there is a thread for this, but this is a proposal in Oliver north of the Oliver Exchange (northeast corner of 121 St and 102 Ave). View looking northwest. View looking northeast.